A Heartbreaking Adoption Scam

How a mom.me writer exposed a woman preying on couples trying to adopt

The adoption of my daughter was a fluke. A miracle. There was never a wait-list or massive amounts of money changing hands. It just happened. Because that's something I frequently write about, I often receive emails from people searching for some magic of their own. But an email I received on February 18th was like nothing I'd encountered before. It sent me on an obsessive quest that would expose an amazingly brazen scam artist — and a crack in the adoption system that all would-be parents should know about. Here's how it all began:

At first I didn’t know how to respond to this email from "Sarah H."* It’s not every day that someone writes to you offering her baby for adoption. This "Sarah" had obviously been reading my blog for a while, as she referred to my hating the term “birthmother” — something I'd only mentioned a handful of times. I clicked on her blog before replying, and most everything there seemed fairly legit—including the fact that she had photos available.

But still, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something might be off. Unfortunately it did not stop me from sharing this news with a close friend of mine who was also coming around to the idea of adoption.

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