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Tracy Lopez

Tracy López is a bilingual freelance writer. Her writing has appeared in print publications such as SerPadres Magazine and Café Magazine; her translations have appeared in print magazine Plaza Familia. Current positions include contributing writer to, contributing writer to Latina Bloggers Connect, and editor-in-chief of, a language and culture blog. Born and raised in the suburbs outside of Washington D.C., Tracy writes non-fiction by day and fiction by night from her home less than two hours from the nation’s capital where she lives with her husband and two sons.

What was your favorite toy as a child?

My favorite toy changed with my interests, but one constant throughout my childhood was my coffee can full of treasures. Anything that was precious to me, I hid inside that can; puffy and scratch-and-sniff stickers, a collapsible camping cup, arrowheads, gumball machine prizes, collectible erasers, my Chinese jump rope, plastic charms with little jingle bells, a rabbit's foot, jelly bracelets—I almost die of nostalgia remembering it all.

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