Suzy Amis Cameron: 'Titanic' Changed My Life

The mom of a large family and wife to director James Cameron discusses motherhood, movies and 'me' time

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When actress and mom Suzy Amis Cameron began work more than 15 years ago on the iconic 1997 film Titanic, she had no idea that a fictional love story would inform real life. Neither did the film's director, James Cameron, who would later declare, Oscar in hand, that he was the "king of the world."

As 2012 marks not only the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking but also the 15th anniversary of the film's opening, much attention has been paid to James for his work on the movie. But there was a life-changing moment for both him and his now-wife, Suzy, who has since given up acting and devoted her time to motherhood and founding a socio-economically diverse school in Malibu where kids are celebrated for being individuals.

It just put my life on a completely different trajectory.

What part of the filming of Titanic has still resonated with you after all these years?

Everything, because it totally changed my life. I have incredibly fond memories of the actual filming because that’s where Jim and I met—although we did not tip our hands to each other that we liked each other until we were completely finished with filming.

So there were sparks?

There definitely were sparks, and namely (co-star) Gloria Stuart, who became, even though she was 51 years my senior, my best girlfriend until she passed away at 100. She saw the whole thing—the sparks flying with Jim and me completely unfold. She was very much a matchmaker. I not only gained a beautiful best friend and confidant and mentor and peer, but I found the love of my life.

It just put my life on a completely different trajectory.

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