How to Kill Fleas In a Home Naturally

Fleas are annoying, irritating and itchy parasites that invade your home by entering on your pets. Fleas not only infest your dogs and cats (or other furry or feathered pets), but they even jump onto humans, biting you and feeding on your blood just as they do your pets. It can be difficult to rid your home of fleas once they begin to multiply. Chemical pesticides are available to achieve flea elimination, but if you're concerned about the use of chemicals, you can use natural methods, which are equally effective and are safe in homes with pets and young children.

Step 1

Gather any of your pet's bedding and toys that can be machine-washed. Gather your own bedding, blankets and pillows on sofas or chairs, and even throw rugs if possible. Wash these items with hot water and detergent in your washing machine. The combination of hot water and soap kills fleas and washes them away.

Step 2

Vacuum your home thoroughly. Move furniture to vacuum under it and use vacuum attachments to reach fleas under pieces of furniture that cannot be moved. Also use the attachments to vacuum your furniture. Empty the vacuum canister into a trash bag or throw away your vacuum's bag as soon as you have finished cleaning. Take out the trash bag to prevent fleas from reentering your home environment.

Step 3

Sprinkle the floors of your home with diatomaceous earth for pest control. This powder-like substance can be purchased in home improvement stores. The powder is safe to the touch for humans and animals, but leaves cuts all over the bodies of fleas. This causes them to lose large amounts of blood and dehydrate, killing them. Reapply diatomaceous earth after regular vacuuming to continue results.

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