How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Made of Wood

Kitchen cabinets are often made of wood, as wood is a durable, timeless building material that allows for an easy transition if you should choose to re-decorate your kitchen space. As with any other area of the kitchen, you need to clean wooden cabinets regularly to remove grease, food splatters and other residue that accumulates in your kitchen area. This can be done with a few low-cost cleaning ingredients.

Step 1

Fill the kitchen sink with 3 quarts of hot water and 1 tablespoon of dish soap.

Step 2

Drop a cleaning rag into the soapy water, allow it to become saturated, and wring out the cloth.

Step 3

Wipe the cloth over all of the wooden areas of the cabinets, as well as the cabinet hardware.

Step 4

Apply an oil soap to cabinets if the dish soap alone doesn't get rid of heavy residue. Pour the soap onto a cleaning rag and wipe over the cabinets. The oil soap will also restore the natural wood shine to the cabinets.

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