How to Make a Sink Have Luster

If your sink shines, the rest of your kitchen can't be far behind. Take the time to wash and polish your sink until it sparkles and you may be so proud of your beautiful sink that you'll never want to fill it to the top with dirty dishes again. Imbuing your sink with luster and a dazzling sheen isn't that difficult; it only takes a few moments and some household items.

Step 1

Put on the rubber gloves.

Step 2

Fill the sink to its brim with hot water and plug the drain so that the water stays in the sink. Add 1 cup chlorine bleach to the water and swirl your gloved hand around in the water to mix in the bleach.

Step 3

Leave the bleach water in the sink for one hour; at the end of the hour, unplug the drain to empty the sink. Rinse the sink with plain water.

Step 4

Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the inside of the sink, as well as around the faucets and outside edges.

Step 5

Wrap the cleaning cloth around the blade of the butter knife and use the knife to clean around the outside edge of the sink. Use the knife blade to remove dirt and gunk from the edge where the sink connects with the countertop.

Step 6

Scrub around the faucets with the old toothbrush, removing any accumulated dirt.

Step 7

Scrub the inside of the sink with the wet cleaning cloth, working the baking soda in well to remove grime.

Step 8

Rinse away all traces of baking soda from the inside and surrounding area of the sink with water.

Step 9

Dry the sink and surrounding area with paper towels or a dishtowel.

Step 10

Spray the inside of the sink with the glass cleaner and polish the surface with paper towels or the dishtowel. When you are finished polishing and buffing, your sink should shine.

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