Mother, Daughter Bond in Touching Photo Project

Watch as a photographer and her little girl with Down syndrome capture shared moments

It all started six years ago, when Emer Gillespie got an idea...

The mom and photographer from Brighton, England, had first set out to capture her "alternative domestic partnership" with daughter Laoisha's father in a piece she would call Two Homes. But it wasn't long before its main subject—Laoisha—inspired an even more personal photo series.

“As Laoisha was the main subject in this project, and was photographed all the time, she began to request that she took a photo before I took a photo," Gillespie told "In my sketchbook, all these double portraits started to appear, and I was fascinated by the photographer/subject role reversal.”

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Suddenly, Picture You, Picture Me was born in 2008, and the mother-daughter duo would spend the subsequent years trading the camera back and forth, capturing a unique series of shared moments that reflected near-identical scenes. First, it would be mom behind the lens. Next, it would be Laoisha.

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