Step-by-Step Hamstring Exercise

Whether you are a bodybuilder, want to tone your legs or just need stronger hamstrings to improve at your sport, there are a few exercises that isolate your hamstrings. These are all resistance exercises that should be used in conjunction with a regular cardiovascular program and a weight-lifting program that uses compound exercises such as squats and bench presses.

Step 1

Perform lunges with a barbell across your shoulders. Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Step one leg forward and bend at the knee, leaving the other leg to extend straight behind you. Do not let your knee lean forward past your ankle. Then push up with the bent leg and repeat with the other leg.

Step 2

Perform dead lifts by bending at the waist in front of a barbell with your back straight. Grab the barbell with your hands at shoulder-width and pull up the bar by pushing with your legs. This is a compound exercise that will also work your back and arms.

Step 3

Kneel on the floor. Have someone hold your ankles or hook your ankles under something stable, such as an ab bench. Lean forward slowly as far as you can. Drop to the floor when you can no longer hold your body by your legs (catch yourself with your hands). Push up slightly with your hands and use your hamstrings to push yourself back into a kneeling position.

Step 4

Lie on your back while holding something stable. Extend your legs. Place your foot on top of a weighted plate. Bend your knee and drag the plate toward you. Repeat with the other leg.

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