Things Parents Should Know on the First Day of School

Kids are often nervous and excited about the first day of school. This is mainly due to all the new things the child will be exposed to, such as teachers, classmates and a different environment. Parents play a large role in ensuring their child's first day of school -- and the whole school year -- will be a success.


It goes without saying that parents should know their child's school schedule. The schedule is given after the child is enrolled. Parents should visit the school with their child to see the classroom she is assigned to, especially if the school holds an orientation before the school year starts. Knowing when the child should be at school will give parents an idea of how early to wake up and help her prepare. Allotting enough time to wake, feed and clothe the child is essential to arriving on time.


Parents should know how they can contact their child's teacher, the school principal and other school authorities, just in case the need arises. Attending a parent-teacher conference will give parents a better idea of what each school authority can do, what is within their scope of work, and who to approach in case their child is experiencing problems.

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