Help Baby Fall Asleep Easier

Simple techniques to calm your infant for bedtime

Some babies have a hard time getting to sleep. The cause may be due to a growth spurt or the result of a developmental period. Young babies will wake at odd hours, but as they age, they should adapt to a schedule. If your baby has chronic or long-lasting sleep problems, see your pediatrician. For shorter periods of sleeplessness, there are simple techniques you can try at home.

Relaxation routines

Give her a warm and relaxing bath. Getting her in the bath and lowering the lights should help calm her. Dry, feed and dress her afterward in a calm way with no noise or stimulation. If you make these actions a part of a consistent night-time ritual, she will respond to them as signals that bedtime is near.


Rocking motions can help her fall asleep. A quiet car ride or walk in a stroller can help her drift off. You can block stimulating sights, should you need to, by carrying her next to your skin in a wrap or lying down with her to help her feel secure. Babies like hearing mom's heartbeat. Many people practice co-sleeping for this reason, making bed transitions when their babies are older.

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