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", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1nB1nDv\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/saved-school-bus/", "source": "", "title": "Saved School Bus ", "text": "

In April, a school bus driver in Milton, Wash. lost consciousness while driving students to school. In a flash, 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick (pictured left, courtesy of Fifefreepress.com) jumped up from his seat to take control of the wheel. \u201cI ran up, grabbed the wheel \u2026 I turned it to the right, took it on the side of the road [and] took the keys out of the ignition,\" Wuitschick (pictured on the left with classmate Johnny Wood) told local news station King5. When the bus slowed down, 12-year-old Johnny Wood came to the front and started performing CPR on the driver. While the driver died several days later, the two young heroes are credited with saving the lives of their Surprise Lake School classmates who were on the bus.

Source: King5.com

Photo courtesy of FifeFreePress.com

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ifcvAq\n"}, {"title": "Son Helps Mom Survive Seizure", "url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/son-helps-mom-survive-seizure/", "text": "

Cally Green was in trouble. She was suffering from a diabetic seizure, and unable to help herself. Fortunately, her son, 3-year-old Aaron Green was around, noticing that she had collapsed on the floor of her bedroom and unable to move. So Aaron did all he could, calling his grandma on his mom\u2019s Blackberry and telling her, \u201cMummy\u2019s sick. She\u2019s very ill. Please come and help her.\u201d Well, grandma called a friend nearby who checked on the mother and called the paramedics to come save her. Cally was surprised Aaron knew how to work the phone. \u201cIf it wasn\u2019t for Aaron I wouldn\u2019t be here now,\u201d Cally said. \u201cI\u2019m always nattering away on the phone so he must have seen me do that enough times and copied me.\u201c

Photo and story courtesy of Coventry Telegraph

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32636-aaron-green-1359588656.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1nB1q25\n"}, {"title": "Boy Saves Drowning Girl", "url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/boy-saves-drowning-girl/", "text": "

Four-year-old Xander Bento risked it all when he went after a 3-year-old girl who was drowning in the deep end of the Woodland Springs development pool. Diving in, Bento saved her by swimming under her and pushing her up until she could reach safety. Sadly, after Bento was pulled from the pool, he fell into a coma that he never came out of. His parents grieved, saying, \u201cWe in some way hope our son\u2019s life serves as an inspiration. He was the angel in the pool who sacrificed himself to save another.\u201d

Photo and story courtesy of Daily Mail

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32638-xander-vento-1359588708.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ifcvAs\n"}, {"title": "Kid Alerts Parents to Fire ", "url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/kid-alerts-parents-fire/", "text": "

Five-year-old Matthew Hansen was trying to sleep, but he couldn\u2019t because his eyes were burning from what he called \u201cclouds\u201d in his room. He called out to his parents, who, in their hazy sleep disregarded his complaint until one of them snapped out of it and went to his room to check on him, finding smoke that was billowing in from the kitchen, where it was determined an electrical stove short circuited and sparked a flame that began to destroy their kitchen. The family was able to put out the flames just in time for firefighters to arrive, but their kitchen will never look the same.

Photo and story courtesy of AOL Real Estate

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32637-matthew-henson-1359588693.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1nB1q2d\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/saved-sister-drowning/", "source": "", "title": "Saved Sister From Drowning", "text": "

Naveah Reynolds, 4, was looking for frogs to turn into princes in a backyard pond when her 2-year-old sister, Kazmirah, fell into it. Without hesitating, Naveah went into action. \"I grabbed a stick and pulled her out,\" she told local news station WBIR-TV10. Her mother soon heard cries on the monitor, and when she went outside she found the 2-year-old safe, but drenched. \"I was like 'Oh my God I'm so glad you did that,' mom Nikol told reporters of Naveah's bravery. \"It brought tears to my eyes.\"

Photo and story courtesy of WBIR-TV10

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ifcsVl\n"}, {"title": "Young Rower Rescues Capsized Couple", "url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/young-rower-rescues-capsized-couple/", "text": "

Ten-year-old Stuart Crang was doing his usual thing, rowing his tiny boat around a harbor in Brixham, England, when he saw two canoe instructors whose yacht was flooding over to the point of capsizing. So he did what was natural, and rowed them to safety, \"because I was there, and I care about people, and they were in danger,\" he said. What did his father have to say about all of this? \"You normally see him towing something around the harbour,\u201d said father Nigel Crang. \u201cI just didn't expect him with a boat and two people in the water. ... We're very proud of what he's done.\"

Photo and story courtesy of BBC

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32634-stuart-crang-1359588701.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ifcvAx\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/dialed-9-1-1-mom/", "source": "", "title": "Dialed 9-1-1 for Mom", "text": "

Erika Miller was no stranger to terrible migraines, but when she realized she was out of her normal medication, she decided to take painkillers instead. \"I remember feeling a little bit dizzy,\" she told local news affiliate KATU, adding that she \"took two or three more steps and hit the floor.\" When her daughter Alana saw that mommy was passed out on the floor, she walked over to the phone and dialed 9-1-1. \"While she was on the phone she said 'Mommy ouch,'\" Petty Officer William Cummings told KATU, The officer was able to dispatch help to Miller's house, and it was there he saw Erika on the floor, and little Alana in the other room getting her mommy a blanket. Erika Miller credits her daughter's life-saving skills with her own Red Cross training. \"I had shown her a few months ago. 'This is what you do when there' s a big ouie' or what buttons to push. Maybe some of it sunk in,\" said Miller, who made a full recovery.

Photo and story courtesy of KATU.com

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ifcvAA\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/gave-heimlich-maneuver/", "source": "", "title": "Gave Heimlich Maneuver", "text": "

In 2009 an autistic boy in Houston, Texas saved the life of his art teacher. 10-year-old Kyle Forbes was sitting in his classroom when art teacher Sherri Lowe began choking on an apple. The young boy immediately reacted and began administering the Heimlich maneuver he learned in Cub Scouts on Lowe. \"He saved my life,\" Lowe told KTRK news. Forbes, whose Cub Scout lessons were also reinforced by his father, is more than content with his new hero status. \"Before I was just like a normal kid, always being picked on. Then I was like a superhero. Everybody was cheering me when I came down to the office to get an award. Everyone clapped at me when I got back,\" Kyle told KTRK.

Photo and story courtesy of KTRK

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", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1nB1nDJ\n"}, {"title": "Boy Helps Nab Home Invasion Suspects", "url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/boy-helps-nab-home-invasion-suspects/", "text": "

The actions of a 9-year-old boy in Hazel Park, Michigan led to the arrest of two suspects charged with armed robbery and home invasion last week. The young boy, who remains unidentified, hid in a closet when he allegedly heard two men force their way into his home with guns. The suspects made the 9-year-old's mom and her boyfriend lay on the ground and cover their head with blankets before demanding money from them. The young boy then made his way out of a bedroom window to a neighbor's house, where they called the police. The suspects were arrested shortly after. \"I wasn't really scared, I was kind of calm,\" he told Detroit's Channel 7 News.

Photo via YouTube

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/05/02/6-41325-intruder-1367452970.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ifcvAE\n"}, {"title": "Kid Saves Teacher From Allergic Reaction", "url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/kid-saves-teacher-allergic-reaction/", "text": "

Teacher Madonna Kenser of Missouri grade school Oak Grove Elementary had no idea she was so allergic to the fumes of her dry-erase pen. But that didn\u2019t stop 9-year-old Brendon Garman from springing to action once she started having a violent asthma attack. He went into her purse, found her asthma inhaler and gave it to her just as she was starting to pass out. How did Garman know what to do? He remembered a scene from the movie Are We There Yet. Kenser\u2019s just relieved Garman was there. \"I went to the doctor and he said 5,000 people die from the things that happened that day,\" said Kenser. \"There's a good chance I wouldn't be here [if Garman didn\u2019t help her].\"

Photo and story courtesy of KFVS 12

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32635-brendon-1359588684.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1nB1qz8\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/thwarted-armed-robbery/", "source": "", "title": "Thwarted an Armed Robbery", "text": "

In 2010, 7-year-old Carlos saved the lives of his parents when they were held at gunpoint in their Norwalk, Calif. home. When three armed intruders broke into the home of the family, Carlos grabbed his 6-year-old sister and a cell phone and locked themselves in a bathroom, according to CBSNews.com. The boy then proceeded to call 9-1-1 to inform the dispatchers of his potentially harrowing situation.\"There's some guy. He's gonna kill my mom and dad. Can you come?\" the dispatcher, Monique Patino, recalled to CBS's The Early Show. In a scene that could have come straight from a thriller movie, the intruders broke down the bathroom door, but fled when they discovered Carlos had called 9-1-1. Thankfully, Carlos and his family were saved from harm.

Photo and story courtesy of CBSnews.com

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eWhJNP\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/administered-cpr-sister/", "source": "", "title": "Administered CPR on Sister ", "text": "

Tristin Saghin and his family were visiting his grandmother in Mesa, Ariz. when his 2-year-old sister was found floating in the pool. After her mother pulled her out of the pool, unconscious, and went to go call 9-1-1, the 9-year-old boy began performing CPR on his sister. \"I just went running outside and I did CPR on her. I knew what I was doing,\" he told local news affiliate ABC15, adding that he learned CPR by watching television. Paramedics arrived on the scene and treated his sister, who was expected to be fine. \"She's really beautiful and I love her very much,\" Tristin said.

Photo and story courtesy of ABC News

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", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g5m2uq\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/ran-burning-house/", "source": "", "title": "Ran Into a Burning House", "text": "

In March, 10-year-old Antione Burks and his family were forced out of their Louisville, Ky. home by an explosion that set it on fire. According to news station WDRB, as they raced out of the house, the boy soon realized that his 6-year-old sister was still trapped inside. \"She was scared to come out ... so I jumped back over the fire and ran and carried her out, because she's my sister and didn't want nothing to happen to her,\" Burks told WDRB. While the two both sustained serious burns on their face, arms and neck, the 10-year-old managed to bring them to safety.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eWhJNR\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/2377-surprising-child-heroes/item/climbed-mountain-help/", "source": "", "title": "Climbed a Mountain for Help", "text": "

Johaven Gonzales, 8, was riding in the car with his family on US 60 in Arizona when the car swerved off the road and plunged down a 100-foot cliff. According to ABC15.com, Gonzales was able to escape the car, which had his grandmother, pregnant mom and younger sister inside, by climbing through the driver's side window. He called 9-1-1 before climbing back up the mountain to get help. \"I know most adults would not have been able to do what he did,\" Officer Michael Fink told reporters, adding that if the young boy did not go looking for help, authorities would have most likely not been able to find them.

Photo and story courtesy of ABC15.com

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