Nanny Horror Stories

Shocking instances of abuse and robbery from caretakers in a position of trust

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When it comes to your kids and their caretaker, you want to know all is safe and sound at home. But do you know exactly what’s going on when you’re not there? Maybe not, and it might shock you. It’s always a bit scary to leave your children in another person’s hands—and these stories explain why. Here, we’ve uncovered five tales of law-breaking, abusive and negligent caretakers who have all come under fire after being caught in the act.

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A Mother's Shocking Discovery

When Lindsay Addison's twins were born prematurely and were not healthy enough to go to daycare, the North Carolina mom hired a nanny and installed a hidden nanny cam disguised as a clock to monitor her twin boys while she was at work. What she saw on the video was shocking; 26-year-old caregiver Stephanie Merrill loosely tucking the 7-month-olds under her arm, letting them dangle upside down from her lap off a couch, and severely neglecting the children. Addison promptly fired Merrill, and police charged her with two counts of child abuse. In July of 2008 Merrill entered an Alford plea in court, which "does not admit guilt but acknowledges that there is enough evidence to convict her of the charges," according to WRAL. Merrill was ordered to take an eight-month child safety course and was sentenced to 30 hours of community service. She was also prohibited from caring for any children other than her own for a year. "She is getting punished for what she did. She has to pay the price," mom Lindsay Addison told WRAL after the plea. "We're happy there's somewhat of a resolution."

Watch what the camera caught below:

WARNING: Video contains disturbing images

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