Am I Ruining My Kid?

Parenting 101

After you've read all the books and still have questions, who do you turn to?

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I’m convinced the parenting book business is a complete racket. Well, other than Dr. Harvey Karp.

I’d marry that man.

But every time I hear there’s a new! awesome! guide to finally answering all your most challenging conundrums, I roll my eyes since most of them are less about helping you and more about making you feel bad about your choices.

The books I want to read are by real parents with real kids and real problems that they solved without devoting their entire livelihood to the process.

But they’re too busy parenting their children to have time to write a book. Oh the irony.

One sweep of the parenting books today would have even the most seasoned parent confused.

If you sleep with your baby they’ll sleep better and have better self-esteem. Then the next book tells you that they need to be in the crib so they’ll be independent thinkers.

On their back! On their stomach, with supervision! On their side with a sleep positioner and white noise machine on low because then they’ll get used to sleeping with background noise and they’ll get into Harvard.

OK, so that’s not entirely true, but a quick scan of a few of these books will have you thinking that, especially if you’re a neophyte parent.

You’ll also learn that you must have a label for all your choices.

Child-led feeding. Elimination communication.

Whatever happened to “eating” and “potty training.”

Also, “parenting?”

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