Am I Ruining My Kid?

A Frightened Child

How one mom is helping her son overcome the fear of thunderstorms

For the intake session, I shared his personal history, as well as the presenting issues. I was provided with some strategies to get behind what he was actually fearful of and the reasoning behind some of his behaviors, all of which were amazingly helpful.

As it turns out, he’s afraid of tornadoes, being electrocuted, and, as I pulled out of him through overwhelming tears, us being killed. And I also learned, as he explained to me, that he sees “pictures in his mind,” imaginary scary scenarios that flash in his head when he sees a gray cloud or hears thunder.

And suddenly, it all made sense. Why I was both frustrated and upset.

Because like him, I do the same thing. I’ve just learned to control it over the years.

He’s only been to The Weather Lady together with me once and then alone for half of a session. And while I have no idea how long he’ll be seeing her and what the results will be, I do know that it’s probably one of the best parenting decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Because in helping him now, I’m arming him with the tools that I know will be helpful for him later on. If that’s not parenting, I’m not sure what is.

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