How to Drop Your Sick Kid off at Day Care ...

... before the teacher figures it out

If you read that title and thought, Oh, I could never do that! It’s so irresponsible! Just stay home!, then this chapter is not for you. Move along, princess.

Enjoy your supportive husband or your family nearby or your boss that lets you work from home, or your own money, or whatever it is you have that allows you to react to a working mom’s dilemma with such horror.


If you lose your job because you stayed home with your sick kid, terrible things will happen.

Is she gone? Good. It’s time to discuss the only parenting topic more taboo than incest: taking your sick kid to daycare.

Let’s set the table properly so all concerned can understand what’s at stake: You have a job. You can’t stay home to care for your daughter, and no one else is available either. Yes, you are aware that if you bring her to daycare, she’s going to get another kid sick. Well, you can’t think about that right now. Eyes on the prize: You have a job.

For now.

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If you lose your job because you stayed home with your sick kid, terrible things will happen. You will fall back on your rent or mortgage, and you will be evicted. You and your child(ren) will be thrown onto the streets, in this economy. To pay for the seedy hotel that you now call home, you will sell your body. You will strut all over your corner (yes, you will secure a corner) and lean into car windows ...

And where are the kids during all this debauchery? If you couldn’t leave them home alone when you had a good job, you certainly can’t do it now. The kids are in your car, counting your money. For now, they don’t know how you earn it. All they know is: Mommy goes for a ride, then Mommy brings back $35. Ten or twenty times a day. “Well,” you tell yourself, “at least they’re getting good at math.”

OK, this may not be exactly how things play out, but it’s what you have to tell yourself to stay focused.

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