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", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g3gq3U\n"}, {"title": "Yale-bound? Consider These Names", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/yale-bound-consider-these-names/", "text": "

Give yourself a high-five if you have a William, Joshua, Elizabeth or Sarah. According to Gawker, those popular 1994 baby names also fit the roster of Yale University's current crop of undergrads. The website compared the Yalies with the most popular U.S. baby names of 1994, the year most of today's college freshmen were born. Alexis, Nicole, Brandon and Justin? Well, let's just say that maybe you should try Harvard.

Graphic via Gawker

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/03/05/6-36155-screen-shot-2013-03-04-at-4-1362444954.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eUlSSp\n"}, {"title": "Rihanna Wants a Baby!", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/rihanna-wants-baby/", "text": "

Can we start the bump watch now? Rihanna said in an interview with Elle, that she wants to have a child sometime in the next five years. Also? Chris Brown is the love of her life, and her best friend. So we're assuming he would be on board for the dad role. Ummmm?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/03/04/6-36068-rihanna-1362441205.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/YKpld0\n"}, {"title": "'Potato Party' Fad Sweeping Through Asia", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/potato-party-fad-sweeping-through-asia/", "text": "

They're french fry feasts. It all started in Japan, where local McDonald's businesses slashed the prices of french fries as a promotional sale, prompting group after group of kids to buy extreme quantities of the fried food, empty the fry baskets onto as many trays as possible and feast with their friends (and take a picture to document the accomplishment). McDonald's workers are ... not happy.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/03/04/6-35966-screen-shot-2013-03-04-at-10-1362425291.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eUlVOb\n"}, {"title": "Baby Cured of HIV", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/baby-cured-hiv/", "text": "

On Saturday, doctors announced that for the first time ever, a newborn was cured of HIV. Antiretroviral drugs were aggressively used to treat the rural Mississippi baby starting at about 30 hours after birth. The now-toddler is currently off all meds and has no signs of the virus. Some doctors are questioning whether the child ever actually had HIV in the first place, though.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/03/04/6-35944-38_hiv-1362419224.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g3gsZs\n"}, {"title": "Single Mom Icon Dies", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/single-mom-icon-dies/", "text": "

Bonnie Franklin, or as we know her, Ann Romano of \"One Day at a Time\" has passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 69.

If you were a latchkey kid of the '70s and '80s, you could relate to the single mom of two daughters story oh so well. Franklin played a confident, sometimes kooky, mom of the then-modern times.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/03/02/6-35881-bonniefranklin-1362183297.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eUlW4r\n"}, {"title": "Mom Lets Internet Pick Baby's Name for Money*", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/mom-lets-internet-pick-babys-name-money/", "text": "

Would you let the Internet's denizens vote to pick your baby's name? That's exactly what Natasha Hill did for $5,000, defending herself against barbs claiming the contest by baby-naming website Baby Ballot to pick her was \"crazy.\" \"I have $5,000 I can put towards my baby\u2019s future, and $5,000 makes a difference in my life,\" Hill said. She plans to pay off credit debt and start a college fund for her baby.

* (Update 3/4/2013: Turns out this was all a hoax. The baby-naming website, Baby Ballot, admitted to making the whole thing up, according to TODAY Moms.)

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/03/01/6-35840-screen-shot-2013-03-01-at-11-1362168039.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g3gsZA\n"}, {"title": "Toddler Avoids Sleep by Face-planting in Crib", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/toddler-avoids-sleep-face-planting-crib/", "text": "

Mom and Dad were not supposed to see this. In an effort to delay Dreamland, this little guy decides to practice face-planting in his crib. Little does he know that Mom and Dad are watching ... on a baby monitor nearby. He gets points for technique (look at those raised arms!)\u2014and for creativity.

via YouTube

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/XG6SSs\n"}, {"title": "Nurse Posts Circumcision Joke", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/nurse-posts-circumcision-joke/", "text": "

You can imagine how well a circumcision joke would go over in a mixed crowd. Now imagine what happens when a nurse posts \"Did my first circumcision on Friday . . watch out boys...here I come\" on Facebook, and an anti-circ group circulates it. Yeah, it's not pretty.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/28/6-35730-circ-1362081480.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/145VjnE\n"}, {"title": "Modern Day Nancy Drew Catches Backpack Thief", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/modern-day-nancy-drew-catches-backpack-thief/", "text": "

When students at Linden High School in Linden, Calif. had been consistently finding their backpacks missing personal items after gym class, Justine Betti felt the need to catch the culprit.

Hiding herself inside a gym locker, Betti waited and watched, and was surprised to see that the gym teacher\u2014someone well-liked by students\u2014had been stealing from kids' backpacks. Betti went back to the scene later on, this time armed with a camera, and filmed the entire thing. The teacher is now on administrative leave.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eUlW4z\n"}, {"title": "Michelle Obama 'Mom Dance' Is Amazing", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/michelle-obama-mom-dance-amazing/", "text": "

We're moms, we're not hip, we get it. But the First Mom proved all of that wrong when Jimmy Fallon thought he'd get a big laugh at moms while dressing in drag (cardigan and capris, natch) and doing moves like 'Driving the Station Wagon.' Little did he know, Michelle Obama has mom moves that will blow away any young'uns on stage. Yes, the First Lady CAN do 'The Dougie.'

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g3gqAN\n"}, {"title": "Zuckerberg and Gates Encourage Computer Coding", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/zuckerberg-and-gates-encourage-computer-coding/", "text": "

We all know from the looks of our kids growing up in a technology-filled world that the future is going to lean heavily on it. And the forces behind Facebook and Microsoft could not agree more\u2014Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are part of a video heavily encouraging kids to learn how to code, recalling how they got involved. And other famous creators\u2014of Dropbox, Twitter, gaming company Valve and more\u2014speak to the usefulness of the skill with the reminder that knowledge of code can make it easier for someone to get into the field they're interested in, whether that\u2019s technology, entertainment, agriculture or most anything.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpGv7\n"}, {"title": "Study: Breast Cancer Up Among Young Women", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/study-breast-cancer-among-young-women/", "text": "

A troubling trend shows younger women are more affected by advanced breast cancer than previously thought. So say the results of a new study published Feb. 27 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The rate of advanced breast cancer among American women age 25-39 has almost doubled from 1976 to 2009. \"There's no evidence that 29-year-olds should go out and get mammograms or anything like that,\" Dr. Rebecca Johnson, the study's co-author, told the Los Angeles Times. That said, awareness among women and doctors is key.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/27/6-35601-86796587-1-1361990254.jpg", "source": "ThinkStock", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/Va4PX9\n"}, {"title": "Snooki's Parenting Advice", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/snookis-parenting-advice/", "text": "

It had to happen sooner or later. Snooki of Jersey Shore fame is now officially giving parenting advice over at MTV, specifically to celebrity mom and dads! While the breast milk advice is a little, umm, distasteful, she does make some good points on the topics of sleep, and too much vodka.

", "source": "", "video": "

Get More: MTV Shows

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpHiN\n"}, {"title": "School Officials Not Fans of \u2018Harlem Shake\u2019", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/school-officials-not-fans-harlem-shake/", "text": "

Students thought they were just riding the tidal wave of a viral trend by creating their own \u201cHarlem Shake\u201d videos, but some school officials are not pleased. In fact, over the past month, five schools have suspended students for filming these fairly harmless videos, one of which featured a student from Michigan dancing with his pet duck\u2014which resulted in over 24 students getting suspended. One official cited violations of the school\u2019s student code of conduct with respect to \u201cvulgarity, indecency and use of racial slurs,\u201d according to USA Today.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/26/6-35423-86489446-1361905363.jpg", "source": "Getty Images/Creatas RF", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpHiP\n"}, {"title": "9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy's lyrics raise DCF Eyebrows", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/9-year-old-rapper-lil-poopys-lyrics-raise-dcf-eyebrows/", "text": "

Rapper Lil Poopy (also known as Luie Rivera Jr.) is nine years old, has performed with P. Diddy, raps about clothes, money, and hoes, and calls himself the \"cocaine cowboy.\" (In case you're wondering, stage name comes from activities he engaged in while still wearing diapers.)

YouTube videos of the Brockton, MA fourth-grader have raised questions about his father, Luis Rivera Sr. Local officials say he's neglecting his son by allowing him to appear in such risque clips, and have filed a report against the dad.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/26/6-35406-37_lilpoopy-1361901897.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpGv9\n"}, {"title": "Teen Pregnancy Rates on the Rise", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/teen-pregnancy-rates-rise/", "text": "

For the first time since 1988, teen pregnancy rates are on the rise. A new study is showing that 16 states saw a 5% increase in teen pregnancies between 2005 and 2008, with Louisiana, Utah and Pennsylvania showing the largest increases.

Interestingly, those same states with increased teen pregnancy rates reported a lack of sex education classes.

Join the discussion: Should schools be teaching our kids sex ed?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/26/6-35401-teen_pregnancies_rise-1361843119.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1hGC0ZC\n"}, {"title": "A 'Thrift Shop' Parody for Parents", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/thrift-shop-parody-parents/", "text": "

When the internet loves a song, well, you can expect at least thirty parodies of it. (Call Me Maybe, anyone?) Here's a parody of Macklemore's \"Thrift Shop\" parents can definitely relate to.

Via This is Why the Internet was Created

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpGvd\n"}, {"title": "Oscar Moms Bursting With Pride", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/oscar-moms-bursting-pride/", "text": "

Awww, this is adorable. Oscar nominee moms go on and on about their children (and in one case, grandchild) who were up for Academy Awards last night! Bradley Cooper's mom joins Reginald Hudlin's (Django Unchained) mom, Quvenzhane Wallis' mom, Anne Hathaway's mom, and Jessica Chastain's grandmother in opining on their talented offspring. Complete with cute stories and photos!

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1hGC0ZH\n"}, {"title": "Teen Dies at Disneyland From Unknown Illness", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/teen-dies-disneyland-unknown-illness/", "text": "

This is heartbreaking. On a school trip with his marching band, Joseph Tutaj had a relatively uneventful first day there, where he enjoyed the rides and showed no strange symptoms. But the next day the marching band was performing, and Tutaj rapidly deteriorated, getting a fever and being transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he died just 24 hours later. The identity of the illness is still unknown.

Photo via CBS Los Angeles

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/25/6-35265-joseph-tutaj-1361819217.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpGvg\n"}, {"title": "Honey Boo Boo Headed Overseas", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/honey-boo-boo-headed-overseas/", "text": "

Popular TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, about a seven-year-old southern pageant queen, is headed for Italy, the Netherlands, Australia and Latin America. Little Alana Thompson already has a big audience in Poland, where her show just started airing and is already the number-three ranked program.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/25/6-35263-gordon-ramsay-mamie-gummer-and-honey-boo-boo-on-extra-1361818270.jpg", "source": "Getty Images for Extra", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1hGBYkw\n"}, {"title": "Marissa Mayer's Work-From-Home Ban", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/marissa-mayers-work-home-ban/", "text": "

Just when you thought it was safe to imagine a little life balance...Yahoo! CEO and new mom Marissa Mayer has banned a long-standing policy at the digital company according to a memo leaked to the digital news blog AllThingsD. Reaction on Twitter\u2014from parents and non-parents alike\u2014was swift and severe, with some claiming the move sets back workplace improvements by decades. What do you think? Weigh in here.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/25/6-35247-today-season-62-1361777904.jpg", "source": "NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpHze\n"}, {"title": "Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Expecting a...", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-expecting/", "text": "

Girl! Us Weekly is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a baby girl. The much-anticipated baby is due in July. So who's ready to come up with 'K' girl names? Join the discussion.

Have you seen this? When Famous Fetuses Text

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/25/6-35228-kanye_kim_kardashian_expecting_girl-1361762055.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1hGBYkB\n"}, {"title": "Kids Reenact Oscar Nominated Films", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kids-reenact-oscar-nominated-films/", "text": "

Missed this year's Oscar nominated movies? No big deal, these kids have you covered with their reenactments of Argo, Lincoln and the rest. Even better - you only have to sit through two minutes, 44 seconds total to understand all of the movies.

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", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpHzi\n"}, {"title": "Boy Calls 911 to Avoid Bedtime", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/boy-calls-911-avoid-bedtime/", "text": "

Kids will go to great lengths to avoid bedtime. One 10-year-old boy in Brockton, Mass., took it all the way to the police. When his mother told him to hit the sack during a vacation week, fourth-grader Dan Davis told his mother, \"I'm gonna call the cops on you,\" according to Brockton's EnterpriseNews.com. And that's just what he did. But after calling and connecting to 911, Davis quickly hung up. As a matter of protocol, a police officer came to the house and talked to Davis at his mother's request about only calling in an emergency. In addition to the talking-to, Davis was also grounded for two weeks.

Bedtime sounds a lot better!

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: What Is Your Child's Bedtime?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/23/6-35192-stk318010rkn-1361580452.jpg", "source": "ThinkStock", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1hGBYkG\n"}, {"title": "New Guidelines for Genetic Testing in Kids", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/new-guidelines-genetic-testing-kids/", "text": "

Looking to test your kid\u2019s DNA for possible genetic conditions in their future? The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics have come together to create a new set of guidelines for testing, a decade after either organization\u2019s previous sets of guidelines. There have been some updates, including the encouragement of screening all newborns, but not necessarily for everything. For example, for particular mutations concerning breast cancer (in which doctors cannot put children on a real treatment plan, but which will affect them as adults), the guidelines discourage testing for such conditions.

But at the end of the day, these are merely suggestions for pediatricians, and not mandates. Furthermore, the guidelines do not address gene research or analyzing entire genomes of children, said Dr. Lainie Friedman Ross, the Carolyn and Matthew Bucksbaum Professor of Clinical Ethics at the University of Chicago.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/22/6-35095-78366193-1361562685.jpg", "source": "Getty Images/Brand X", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5tNT\n"}, {"title": "It's a Boy for Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/its-boy-amber-rose-and-wiz-khalifa/", "text": "

Model Amber Rose gave birth on Thursday to a boy, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, aka \"The Bash.\" Proud Papa and rapper Wiz Khalifa kept his Twitter fans up to date with photos and a shout-out, \"Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world.\" Congrats!

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/22/6-35023-the-55th-annual-grammy-awards-arrivals-1361493427.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XNx7\n"}, {"title": "Loud Kids Banned From Play Area", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/loud-kids-banned-play-area/", "text": "

Ummm, what? So there's a mall in Australia. This mall has your standard food court, and your standard kid play area next to said food court. Apparently so many high-class food court diners complained about those noisy little kids playing, that now kids are not allowed to . . . play?

The ban states that \"screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre . . . \" so I'm guessing the \"centre\" will be shutting down. Seriously? Where ARE kids allowed to be kids these days?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/21/6-34973-loudkid-1361486991.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5rWd\n"}, {"title": "The FLOTUS's and Big Bird's 'Let's Move' Campaign", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/flotuss-and-big-birds-lets-move-campaign/", "text": "

In two public service announcements, First Lady Michelle Obama and Sesame Street\u2019s Big Bird urge kids to eat better and exercise more to \"ensure that all our children grow up healthy and reach their full potential.\" as part of her \u201cLet\u2019s Move!\u201d campaign. The video features the importance of exercise and appeals to children with colorful vegetables and fruits. And if you watch the video, you can see some Big Bird jumping and dancing action.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XMcm\n"}, {"title": "Daily Dose of 'Awww!' with Pug Surprise", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/daily-dose-awww-pug-surprise/", "text": "

Well if this isn't the sweetest thing ever. A man surprises his girlfriend with the cutest pug puppy you'll ever see on the same day she has to put her dog to sleep. You are exactly one minute, 18 seconds away from happy tears.

Via Mashable

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5u49\n"}, {"title": "Scientists Find Way to Test for Dyslexia Early", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/scientists-find-way-test-dyslexia-early/", "text": "

Researchers published in the Journal of Neuroscience have found that the brain wave responses of kids\u2014from 6 to 13 years old\u2014were different when exposing reading material to both competent readers and dyslexics struggling to read. Furthermore, in early life, children show similar brain wave responses even before they can read, which has allowed doctors to test for dyslexia early and help dyslexic children adapt before they even begin to have problems reading language. Results have helped to dramatically limit the learning problems associated with dyslexia in those children who have been diagnosed early.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/20/6-34756-76767082-1361387676.jpg", "source": "Getty Images/Creatas RF", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XNNp\n"}, {"title": "Police Notify Mom of Son's Death Via Facebook", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/police-notify-mom-sons-death-facebook/", "text": "

\"Unprofessional\" doesn't even begin to describe the way police handled notifying Anna Lamb-Creasey of her son's death. When Anna's son went missing, she called hospitals, police stations, everywhere looking for him. All along, a message from the police was waiting for her in a hidden \"other messages\" folder you have to PAY to see on Facebook.

It would take her a month to find the news she was waiting for\u2014and even then, it seemed like a scam or cruel joke. Surely the police department wouldn't message someone on Facebook, right? Wrong.

The police department's response? \"They told me that they did the best that they can do,\" Anna told reporters.

Via Mashable

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/20/6-34715-police_notify_mom_on_facebook_sons_death-1361380868.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5u4b\n"}, {"title": "For the Realist: 'World's Okayest Mom' Mug", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/realist-worlds-okayest-mom-mug/", "text": "

So maybe we're not perfect - who is? Perhaps we are even willing to embrace our imperfections. Well now we can! Introducing the \"World's Okayest Mom\" mug for those of us you just like to keep it real.

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Hey, we're OK with being just OK, OK?

Via Reddit

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/20/6-34703-worlds_okayest_mom-1361327448.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XMcp\n"}, {"title": "Mario Lopez and Wife Expecting Second Child", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/mario-lopez-and-wife-expecting-second-child/", "text": "

The shirt says it all. Little Gia, daughter of Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Mazza, appeared with her parents on Extra Tuesday sporting a top touting \"Big Sister Gia.\" The happy couple is expecting their child in late summer. \u201cI am the happiest father in the world,\" Lopez said, according to People. We cannot wait to welcome baby Lopez number two into our lives.\"

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/20/6-34695-mario-lopez-1361324479.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5u4e\n"}, {"title": "Researchers May Have Found \u2018Worrier Gene\u2019", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/researchers-may-have-found-worrier-gene/", "text": "

Does your child suffer intense anxiety from school tests? The New York Times recently did a piece that explores why some children seem to be less worried in high-stress situations like aptitude and major academic testing, and the article notes that much of our behavior has to do with how our parents brought us up, along with subjects we're naturally comfortable with, and even with the hormones present while in our mother's womb. However, scientists from Taiwan believe that there may be a gene affecting worrying children: the COMT gene, which may predispose a child to be a worrier. The article dives deeply into the subject, even stating that worriers may actually have an academic advantage in particular cases.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/19/6-34647-136603215-1361301149.jpg", "source": "Getty Images/iStockphoto", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XMct\n"}, {"title": "Special K Recalled Due to Glass", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/special-k-recalled-due-glass/", "text": "

Yikes! Hope you didn't get a side of broken glass in your morning meal. Someone did, which is why Kellogg's has recalled one batch of Special K with Red Berries.

Check the Kellogg's website for instructions on how to return your recalled cereal, or call the Kellogg's consumer center at 800-962-1413 to find out if you're safe to eat your lo-cal breakfast.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/19/6-34645-specialk-1361300775.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5u4i\n"}, {"title": "First Photos of Kate's Baby Bump", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/first-photos-kates-baby-bump/", "text": "

The royal baby is for real! In case you were waiting for photographic proof, we finally have it. Kate stepped out this weekend and showed her bump for the first time. (We promise\u2014if you look really close, it's there!) The Duchess is about four months along right now.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/19/6-34652-the-duchess-of-cambridge-visits-hope-house-1361302226.jpg", "source": "FilmMagic", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XNNA\n"}, {"title": "Fergie and Josh Duhamel Expecting", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/fergie-and-josh-duhamel-expecting/", "text": "

It seems like everyone has been waiting to hear this news: Fergie and Josh Duhamel are expecting a baby. The couple made their announcement on Twitter saying \"Josh & Me & BABY makes three!\"

Congrats to the couple!

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/19/6-34615-fergie_and_josh_expecting-1361235502.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5u4n\n"}, {"title": "Study: Do Kids Make Us Happier?", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/study-do-kids-make-us-happier/", "text": "

Good news, parents! A new study (hear it discussed on NPR) refutes the long-held notion that parenting leads to unhappiness. The study shows that while parents are least happy both when their kids are under age 5 and when they're teenagers, overall, having kids makes adults happier.

Join the Discussion: Do Kids Make Us Happier?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/19/6-34626-35_happy-1361296787.jpg", "source": "Getty Images/Flickr RF", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5u4r\n"}, {"title": "Woman Gives Birth to Two Sets of Identical Twins", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/woman-gives-birth-two-sets-identical-twins/", "text": "

It's a one-in-70-million occurrence, and has never happened before: A Houston woman gave birth to two sets of identical twins in one day... without the use of fertility drugs. Watch the video to see the whole story. (Preview: The kids are pretty cute.)

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5scz\n"}, {"title": "C-Sections Not Necessarily Safer for Twins", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/c-sections-not-necessarily-safer-twins/", "text": "

A new study is saying that delivering twins via a planned vaginal birth is just as safe as delivering via cesarean section. Of course pregnancy risks can complicate plans, making a vaginal birth impossible.

The study involved 106 birthing centers in 25 countries and 2,804 women pregnant with twins.

Have you seen these? Cringe-Worthy Pregnancy Photos

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/19/6-34614-c-sections_safe_for_twins-1361235506.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XMsO\n"}, {"title": "Man Slaps Baby on Flight", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/man-slaps-baby-flight/", "text": "

No matter what side of the \"kids on planes\" debate you you side with, everyone can agree that Joe Rickey Handley went way over the line when he called a crying baby a horrible, derogatory, racist name then slapped the two-year-old across the face.

Yep, this \"Horrible Person of the Day\" thought that was the solution to stop a crying child. The mother and child were on their way to a funeral, when the baby was assaulted. Let's just hope this guy spends his vacation time in prison.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/15/6-34555-manslapbaby-1360962076.jpg", "source": "ThinkStock", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XO3W\n"}, {"title": "Tumblr With Child-Recreated Movie Shots ", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/tumblr-child-recreated-movie-shots/", "text": "

What do you get when you combine a parent who loves movies and his kid? A bunch of recreated shots, featuring this kid (doing the Life of Pi here, but the Argo and Django Unchained portraits are even better) on the tumblr named Don\u2019t Call Me Oscar. There are about 25 shoots so far, with the number steadily growing, and we can\u2019t wait to see what movie they cover next!

Photo via dontcallmeoscar.tumblr.com

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/15/6-34543-screen-shot-2013-02-15-at-10-1360954451.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5scL\n"}, {"title": "Woman's Hernia Turns Out to be Baby", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/womans-hernia-turns-out-be-baby/", "text": "

Friday morning, Michagander Linda Ackley went to the hospital thinking she had a hernia. Friday evening, Ackley gave birth to a ten pound girl. She and husband Mike were thrilled\u2014after a host of medical problems, they thought Linda would never be able to have a baby. They named their little surprise Kimberly Kay.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/15/6-34537-34_surprise-1360951079.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5ukO\n"}, {"title": "From Olympic Hero to Accused Murderer", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/olympic-hero-accused-murderer/", "text": "

Complete shock is one way to describe the news that South African double-amputee Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the alleged murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Police responded to a neighbor's call of shouting at Pistorius' residence - when they arrived, police found his girlfriend had been fatally shot. These aren't the first accusations of domestic abuse for Pistorius who had been previously arrested for assaulting a woman. Those charges were later dropped.

As the popular runner known as 'Blade Runner' goes from Nike ads to a jail cell, the story continues to develop.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/15/6-34534-oscar-pistorius-1360898931.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XO47\n"}, {"title": "Is Malia Obama Dating?", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/malia-obama-dating/", "text": "

Every parent has to brace themselves for the fateful moment when their child starts dating\u2014maybe even more so if that parent is the president. While giving a speech in Georgia on Valentine's Day, President Obama talked about his growing daughters and let slip that \"They have sleepovers\u2014and dates.\" What?! Like any good dad, he didn't elaborate. However, The Atlantic Wire has some speculation on who the lucky suitor could be.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/15/6-34515-us-politics-inauguration-swearing-in-obama-1360891537.jpg", "source": "AFP/Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XMJm\n"}, {"title": "Illinois Senate Says Yes to Gay Marriage", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/illinois-senate-says-yes-gay-marriage/", "text": "

Happy Valentine's Day, Illinois! At least one major hurdle has been overcome on the road to marriage equality. The Illinois Senate today voted to approve same sex marriage, and now the bill heads to the House.

President Barack Obama announced that if he were still in the Illinois Congress, he would vote to approve the bill. The governor of Illinois has also said he would sign the legislation. Ten states down, 40 to go.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/14/6-34426-gaymarriage-1360879005.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5v8i\n"}, {"title": "IKEA Offering Free Crib to V. Day Babies", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/ikea-offering-free-crib-v-day-babies/", "text": "

In Australia, IKEA is getting in on the Valentine's Day action, giving a free crib to any mother who provides the birth certificate stating her child is born on November 14, 2013, 9 months down the road from Valentine's Day this year. The crib up for grabs for these moms are $99 ... maybe just buy a new crib?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/14/6-34366-screen-shot-2013-02-14-at-11-1360869019.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XMJq\n"}, {"title": "Evan Rachel Wood Blasts Paparazzi for Ultrasound Shot", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/evan-rachel-wood-blasts-paparazzi-ultrasound-shot/", "text": "

Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter yesterday to call out the paparazzo who snapped a photo of her ultrasound as she left the doctor's office. Her six-tweet rant was successful in getting the image taken off the Internet.

What do you think\u2014how much privacy do stars deserve? How mad would you be in a similar situation?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/14/6-34360-screen-shot-2013-02-14-at-9-1360864714.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5uBd\n"}, {"title": "The Most Honest Valentines... Written By Kids", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/most-honest-valentines-written-kids/", "text": "

There's no sugar-coating their love for you when it comes to these kids who wrote the most honest valentines you'll read this year. Hallmark has nothing on the unintended humor behind these well-meant sentiments.

Now these are keepsakes.

Related: 12 Love Stories Written By Dads for Their Wives

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/14/6-34356-honest_kids_valentines-1360860598.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XOkz\n"}, {"title": "Child Versions of Stars' Grammy Outfits", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/child-versions-stars-grammy-outfits/", "text": "

Welcome to Toddlewood, ladies. Inspired by the fashion from the Grammys Red Carpet, Tricia Messeroux recreated the stars' looks for kids with outfits mimicking Beyonce, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

Not only did the pint-size outfits match perfectly, the child models nailed the expressions and poses the stars used on the red carpet too.

Two words: Nailed it.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/14/6-34353-child_versions_of_grammys_fashion-1360810744.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5voK\n"}, {"title": "Steve Martin, 67, Welcomes First Child", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/steve-martin-67-welcomes-first-child/", "text": "

Steve Martin, 67, and his wife Anne Stringfield, 41, welcomed their first child quietly in December accordingly to Us Weekly.

The baby's gender and name have not been revealed but this is not surprising as the longtime funny man is actually very private about personal matters.

Congrats to the couple!

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/14/6-34355-steve_martin_has_baby-1360811452.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XOAU\n"}, {"title": "Banana Joe Wins Westminster Best in Show!", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/banana-joe-wins-westminster-best-show/", "text": "

What the heck is an affenpinscher? Is what most of us are asking ourselves after Banana Joe's epic win at the Westminster Dog Show on Tuesday. This monkey-faced pup took the top prize, which will certainly cause a run on affenpinschers at the pet store.

The crowd favorite, Swagger, was one of the first Old English Sheepdogs to make it to the final round, making this year's Westminster Dog Show the year of firsts.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/13/6-34302-bananajoe-1360791260.jpg", "source": "AP", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5voV\n"}, {"title": "Adoptive Mom Creates 'Newborn' Photo Shoot of Teenage Son", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/adoptive-mom-creates-newborn-photo-shoot-teenage-son/", "text": "

While 13-year-old Latrell Higgins might not be a baby exactly, that didn't stop adoptive mom and photographer Kelli Higgins from re-creating a \"newborn\" photo shoot for him. Higgins told TODAY.com that Latrell had wished for his own baby pictures, and after that, the project was, well, born.

Photo via Facebook/Kelli Higgins

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/13/6-34290-484865_524512507570244_1363487941_n-1360786449.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XOAY\n"}, {"title": "\u2018Price Is Right\u2019 to Have First Kids Episode", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/price-right-have-first-kids-episode/", "text": "

Surprisingly, in its 42 years of airing, The Price Is Right is finally having its first kids-themed episode, where children ages 8 to 14 will be accompany their parent, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Slated to air in mid-April, executive producer Mike Richards told THR that this episode came as a result of young viewers writing in, asking for their own episode, and that the response has been tremendous.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/13/6-34276-the-price-is-right-daytime-emmys-themed-episode-taping-1360781024.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5voZ\n"}, {"title": "Everyone's Expecting!", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/everyones-expecting/", "text": "

Penelope Cruz is pregnant... and so is Jamie-Lynn Sigler... oh, and also Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria.

Yesterday was big news in baby-land, as all three stars confirmed their pregnancies. It's the second baby for Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem (first son Leonardo was born in 2011), the first child for Sigler and her fiancer Cutter Dykstra, and the first baby together for Alex and Hilaria (Alec has a 17-year-old, Ireland, with ex-wife Kim Basinger).

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/13/6-34274-celebrity-sightings-toronto-2012-toronto-international-fil-1360779778.jpg", "source": "WireImage", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XN02\n"}, {"title": "Dad Tattoos 'Daddy's Girl' on Daughter", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/dad-tattoos-daddys-girl-daughter/", "text": "

Are you serious? We're serious. A Wisconsin man is accused of tattooing \"Daddy's Girl\" and a Browning logo on his 14 year old daughter.

Victor Shane Scroggins, 39, was arrested for tattoo of a minor (who knew there was such a thing?) for the tattoo he apparently etched himself.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/13/6-34272-man_tattoos_daughter-1360775137.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5vp1\n"}, {"title": "Did Original Barbie Come With Dieting Book?", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/did-original-barbie-come-dieting-book/", "text": "

It did. A 1965 Barbie included a book titled How to Lose Weight and little pink scale set at all of 110 pounds. It seems 1965 Barbie was a bit judgmental, no?

What did the book suggest for weight loss tips? \"Don't eat.\" Pfft - easy for her to say, she's plastic.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/13/6-34268-barbie_weight_loss_tips-1360723465.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XN04\n"}, {"title": "Study: Favoring One Sibling Hurts Family", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/study-favoring-one-sibling-hurts-families/", "text": "

Parents, here's another reason not to play favorites with your children. Giving positive feedback to one child while giving negative feedback to another\u2014aka \"differential parenting\"\u2014can affect the whole family, leading to kids having a higher incidence of mental health and emotional problems, according to a study published Feb. 12 in the journal Child Development.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/13/6-34237-siblings-1360716448.jpg", "source": "ThinkStock", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5uRS\n"}, {"title": "LIVE Coverage of Christopher Dorner Manhunt", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/live-coverage-christopher-dorner-manhunt/", "text": "

Right now in the Big Bear mountain area of San Bernardino County, it's being reported that cop killer Christopoher Dorner tied up a couple, stole their truck, and has fired on two different agencies of law enforcement.

NBC is live in the area, which is completely on lock down, including the local schools. As of right now, gun fire is being exchanged between Dorner and the police, as Dorner is holed up in the cabin he fled into after shooting two officers.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/12/6-34191-christopherdorner-1360707482.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XNgp\n"}, {"title": "Netflix & DreamWorks Animation to Create Children's Show", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/netflix-dreamworks-animation-create-childrens-show/", "text": "

Mark another one down for Netflix. After re-signing its first original series\u2014House of Cards\u2014to another season, Netflix has continued its pattern by developing an animated children\u2019s Web series with DreamWorks Animation, called Turbo: F.A.S.T., which is a spinoff of this summer\u2019s upcoming Turbo movie. The show will likely center around a snail named Turbo who dreams of competing in the Indianapolis 500 race.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/12/6-34140-israeli-president-shimon-peres-speaks-du-1360695940.jpg", "source": "AFP/Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5vFo\n"}, {"title": "Vivienne Jolie-Pitt's Big Payday", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/vivienne-jolie-pitts-big-payday/", "text": "

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt has her first movie role, and it's paying her handsomely: According to the contract filed with the court, she's making $3,000 a week. Little Viv is playing Young Aurora in mom Angelina's new film Maleficent. Oh, she's also getting a $60/day per diem. You can imagine the daily needs of a four-year-old run pretty high.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/12/6-34126-celebrity-sightings-in-new-york-city-december-4-2010-1360692689.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XORA\n"}, {"title": "Adorable Matt Lauer Fatherhood PSA", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/adorable-matt-lauer-fatherhood-psa/", "text": "

Who knew Matt Lauer could be so darned cute?

This video is the first in a series of PSAs that will star Good Morning America hosts.

We totally got the message: After watching the clip, we played hide and seek for about an hour. (Oh, and we called our dads, too.)

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XORC\n"}, {"title": "Couples Communicate Love Differently in Digital Age", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/couples-communicate-love-differently-digital-age/", "text": "

Remember when you had to pick up a phone to say 'I love you?' Wasn't that awful? Now, nearly as many people text or email - yes, email - their I love you's as they do speak them via phone according to a study on how lovers communicate in this digital age.

Sure, it may be convenient or even sweet to send your significant other a quick note expressing your sweet nothings - but beware of the typos, Romeo. Sixteen percent of people admitted they had sent a romantic message meant for their loved one to someone else by mistake. Whoops.

Via PR Daily

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/12/6-34104-love_in_digital_age-1360638940.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XQc2\n"}, {"title": "Digital Barbie Mirror Lets Kids Try Makeup Without Mess", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/digital-barbie-mirror-lets-kids-try-makeup-without-mess/", "text": "

Trying on makeup is part of childhood... but it's also a mess. Until now. The Barbie Digital Mirror uses an iPad, an app and facial recognition technology to let kids 'try' makeup - and easily start over with the push of a button if they've 'applied' too much.

Oh technology - if only real makeup worked like this!

Join the conversation: At what age should I allow my daughter to wear makeup?

The mirror is expected to retail at $69.99 this summer.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/12/6-34124-barbie_makeup_mirror-1360687116.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5vVN\n"}, {"title": "Medal of Honor Winner's Son Charms Audience (Video)", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/medal-honor-winners-son-charms-audience-video/", "text": "

How's this for cute? When his father is about to receive the Medal of Honor at the White House, what does little Colin Romesha decide to do? That's right. He goes for his own 15 minutes in front of an adoring crowd. Way to turn a potentially stuffy ceremony into a fancy game of peekaboo.

Video via YouTube/AP

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XQc7\n"}, {"title": "Asteroid Gets Close to Earth This Week", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/asteroid-gets-close-earth-week/", "text": "

No need to panic, the 2012 DA14 asteroid will come within 15 minutes of the earth this Friday, February 15th, but will not make contact. Still, whew! That is close.

The asteroid was discovered by Spanish astronomers, and is the size of half a football field. Which is considered small, asteroid-speaking. Those people in Australia and Eastern Europe may get a glimpse of it, if they use binoculars.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/11/6-34063-asteroid-1360616478.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5vVV\n"}, {"title": "Anti-Gay Group Wants Separate 'Straight' Prom", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/anti-gay-group-wants-separate-straight-prom/", "text": "

Local religious leaders and students in Sullivan County, Indiana met to discuss putting on a separate straights only prom because the gay student population was offensive to those particular prom-goers.

Adding fuel to the hateful fire was Special Ed teacher Diana Medley (seen above) who made the statement that she does not believe gay people have a purpose in life. No word on whether this alternative prom will become a reality or not.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/11/6-34048-gaypromhate-1360612295.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XP7Z\n"}, {"title": "9-Year-Old Does the Weather", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/9-year-old-does-weather/", "text": "

Have a budding little meteorologist in your brood? Because over in Fargo, N.D., the Valley News Live team has a weekly special feature with a young kid interested in doing the weather. And this time, 9-year-old William Hallman takes the spotlight, with showman-like gesturing and more enthusiasm than we could probably muster in the morning. Onward and upward, William!

Via YouTube

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5vVZ\n"}, {"title": "Gisele Debuts Baby Vivian", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/gisele-debuts-baby-vivian/", "text": "

Two-month-old Vivian Lake made her Internet debut this weekend. Mom Gisele Bundchen posted a picture of the two to her Facebook page with the caption, \"Love is everything!!! Happy friday, much love to all.\" Dad is football star Tom Brady.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/11/6-34017-31_gisele-1360603649.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XQsz\n"}, {"title": "Father and Son Doing the Harlem Shake", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/save-title/", "text": "

It's pretty simple, says dad Matt McClard: \"Mom was out, so this happened.\"

\"This\" is a hilarious video of father and son doing the Harlem Shake together.

Check out more parents doing awesome things with their kids here.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5xNC\n"}, {"title": "Amazing Photos from Nemo Blizzard", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/amazing-photos-nemo-blizzard/", "text": "

The Northeast was blanketed (to put it lightly) with snow by a blizzard that news outlets have named Nemo. Power outages and residents stranded in their homes are just a few of the issues residents across Boston, New York and areas in between are dealing with now. The photos from the storm are nothing short of amazing, with people sharing their experiences on social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Tell us: Were you affected by Nemo?

Via Skye

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/11/6-34010-nemo_blizzard_photos-1360544780.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XQsC\n"}, {"title": "Organization Uses Dogs to Help Kids Read", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/organization-uses-dogs-help-kids-read/", "text": "

This is way too cute. On Tuesday, the Berkeley Public Library launched its Paws to Read program, which pairs kids with dogs and has the kids read to them. Because there's nothing better than reading and being able to pet your favorite pup at the same time. But there are even better benefits, according to the library. \u201cThe goal is to help build a child\u2019s self-esteem and confidence, as well as foster a fondness for reading,\u201d said a public statement by the library. See the adorableness here.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/08/6-33947-87729939c-1360351847.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5wck\n"}, {"title": "Discount for Well-Behaved Kids", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/discount-well-behaved-kids/", "text": "

A Washington family was surprised by this receipt, which shows a discount of four dollars for \"well behaved kids.\" Angela Scott, the owner of Sogno di Vino, said \"We just wanted to say, 'Awesome! You guys were so good!'\" Mom Laura King says that the night was nothing out of the ordinary for her three kids, who are generally respectful beings.

Tell us: Are discounts for well-behaved kids a good idea?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/08/6-33943-29_receipt-1360348161.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XPox\n"}, {"title": "Judge Approves Birth Certificate Listing Three Parents' Names", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/judge-approves-birth-certificate-listing-three-parents-names/", "text": "

Ending a paternity fight, a Florida judge has decided to allow three parents' names on the birth certificate of a 22 month old girl.

A lesbian couple - Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzohad - made a verbal agreement with their hair dresser - a gay man named Massimiliano Gerina - to be the sperm donor. But shortly before the little girl was born, Massimiliano decided he wanted to have an active part of the the baby's life as her biological father.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/08/6-33938-birth_certificate_names-1360340466.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5y3V\n"}, {"title": "Unfriending on Facebook Has Real Life Consequences", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/unfriending-facebook-has-real-life-consequences/", "text": "

It seems we never did leave high school, did we? Drama!

New research is showing that unfriending someone on Facebook can have real life consequences such as awkward run-ins. Women were more likely to avoid someone who had unfriended them than men were and many people reported feeling that being unfriended online was a blow to their self-esteem.

Related: Are you guilty of these Facebook fouls?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/08/6-33916-facebook_unfriending-1360289571.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XQJ2\n"}, {"title": "1st Grader's Free Throw Shot Scores School a Day Off", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/1st-graders-free-throw-shot-scores-school-day/", "text": "

Talk about scoring under pressure. This 1st grader now knows what it feels like to be the most popular kid in school. Thanks to Blake Harper's awesome free throw, the entire school got a day off.

Just try watching this short video without yelling a \"YEAH BUDDY!\" as though he were your kid. Way to go, dude.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eU5wsO\n"}, {"title": "Six-Year-Old Makes Filmmaker\u2014and Viewers\u2014Feel Better (Video)", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/six-year-old-makes-filmmakerand-viewersfeel-better-video/", "text": "

Don't you love it when kids get life in a way that adults seem to miss? That's what happened when filmmaker Bianca Giaever asked 6-year-old Asa what her movie should be about. From there, The Scared Is Scared was born.

Take a look. And, oh yeah, you might need some tissues.

", "source": "", "video": "

the Scared is scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1g2XQJb\n"}, {"title": "Anti-Gay School Bans Clubs ", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/anti-gay-school-bans-clubs/", "text": "

Here's one way to solve the problem of your bigoted beliefs being overruled by school rules: Just ban every single club in a school so a gay-straight alliance club can't exist either.

South Florida's Carver Middle School's board is doing exactly that. Instead of following anti-discrimination rules that say a student group in support of anti-bullying is allowed on campus, they're just getting rid of every extra-curricular activity. Way to set a good example, adults!

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/07/6-33776-floridaschool-1360269295.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpGLM\n"}, {"title": "Willow Smith Passes up \u2018Annie\u2019 Role, Preferring to Be 12", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/willow-smith-passes-annie-role-preferring-be-12/", "text": "

You\u2019ve got to hand it to this girl who knows what she wants. Although her name was attached to star in her father Will Smith\u2019s remake of the broadway classic Annie, Willow Smith asked to be allowed to leave the project, her dad said at a Temple University talk, according to Huffington Post. Willow cited the difficulties touring for her huge hit \u201cWhip My Hair\u201d for not wanting the part. Will Smith said, \"I said, 'Baby, hold up!' I said, 'No, no, no, listen; you'll be in New York with all of your friends and Beyonc\u00e9 will be there. You will be singing and dancing,' and she looked at me and said, 'Daddy, I have a better idea, how about I just be 12?'\" Wise words.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/07/6-33747-men-in-black-3-new-york-premiere-inside-arrivals-1360264141.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1hGC1Nj\n"}, {"title": "9-Year-Old Reportedly Gives Birth", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/9-year-old-reportedly-gives-birth/", "text": "

A nine-year-old girl from Mexico gave birth to a 5.7 lb. baby girl, according to reports. Her mother told local officials that the girl\u2014identified only as Dafne\u2014got pregnant when she was just over eight. Prosecutors are treating it as a case of rape or sexual abuse and are looking for the 17-year-old father, who has run away.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/07/6-33742-27_baby-1360261565.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpI6l\n"}, {"title": "Star Football Player's Mom Steals Letter of Intent", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/star-football-players-mom-steals-letter-intent/", "text": "

One day after high school football star Alex Collins' mother ran off with his national letter of intent (the form recruits sign to commit to a university), he signed with the University of Arkansas. The form requires a parent or guardian's signature, so by leaving with the form, his mother left him unable to commit to Arkansas, the school of his choice. She reportedly wanted him to stay closer to home and go to the University of Miami. Alex wound up tracking down his father in order to satisfy the requirement of a parent's signature.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/07/6-33743-28_collins-1360261562.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1hGC23H\n"}, {"title": "Popular Vine App Gets 17+ Age Rating for Porn", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/popular-vine-app-gets-17-age-rating-porn/", "text": "

Is your child using the video sharing app known as Vine? (If they have an iPhone, they have access.) The popular new app has quickly switched from a 12 and up age recommendation to earning a 17+ adult warning because of the amount of pornography available, citing \"frequent/intense sexual content or nudity\" in the App Store.

Vine is still in its infancy, having just debuted last month so changes to the app are constant - but in the meantime, there's no telling what your kids are seeing and sharing.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/07/6-33683-vine_nc17_rating-1360212187.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpH25\n"}, {"title": "No Facebook for Five Months", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/no-facebook-five-months/", "text": "

Could you do it? Could you stay off of Facebook for five months? What if you signed a contract? What if you're 14 years old and were so addicted you need a contract with your father to stay off the popular social networking site?

Tell us: Could you quit Facebook for 5 months?

OK, so maybe Facebook and social media as a whole is a bit addicting. But Dearest 14 Year Old Girl... Why don't you go outside? Breathe fresh air? Hang out with friend... that you can see in-person and not through a computer screen? Just sayin'.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/07/6-33682-facebook_contract-1360212186.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1iGpH29\n"}, {"title": "Ob-gyn Criticized for Facebook Posts", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/ob-gyn-criticized-facebook-posts/", "text": "

Dr. Amy Dunbar, an ob-gyn in St. Louis, is under fire for posting on Facebook personal information about a patient who she claims was repeatedly late, ultimately questioning, \"May I show up late to her delivery?\"

Another patient of Dr. Dunbar chastised the physician on the hospital's Facebook page, according to KMOV.com, for violating patient confidentiality and being \"callous\" to the patient's history of stillbirth, which the doctor also mentioned.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/07/6-33672-screen-shot-2013-02-06-at-4-1360201342.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVlkvF\n"}, {"title": "Kids on Bikes Better Learners", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kids-bikes-better-learners/", "text": "

Let's hope your town has a bike path, because a study has shown that kids who ride a bicycle to school have better concentration skills, and retain more information, than those that arrive via bus, train, car, or motor scooter.

While the connection seems to be between exercise and learning abilities, the study is clear that riding in the back seat of mom's car doesn't do nearly as much for your kid's brain as riding a bike or walking to school. Just don't forget your helmet!

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/06/6-33649-bikekids-1360184596.jpg", "source": "ThinkStock", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OAkkXx\n"}, {"title": "Kids Illustrate N.Y. School Bus Strike", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kids-illustrate-ny-school-bus-strike/", "text": "

After three full weeks of New York school bus drivers striking, the absence of school bus transportation has forced many district kids to ride the city bus or find other means of getting to school on time. Inspired by these struggles, several New York City children decided to illustrate their perspective on the situation and their concerns\u2014ranging from sweet (\"My class could not go swimming because of the bus strike\" with crying children drawn) to amusingly passive-aggressive (\"The boy didn't go to school\" with a kid standing in front of a motionless bus). Check them out here.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/06/6-33641-140233599c-1360175705.jpg", "source": "Getty Images/iStockphoto", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVaz\n"}, {"title": "Are We Exploiting Newtown's Kids?", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/are-we-exploiting-newtowns-kids/", "text": "

After recording of \"Somewhere Over the Rainbow\" with Ingrid Michaelson and a Super Bowl performance, the children of Newtown are now set to appear at the Grammys. Ryan Seacrest will interview the kids via satellite during the red carpet show, and they may also sing \"Call Me Maybe.\" You know, the Carly Rae Jepson song.

Join the discussion: Should the kids still be singing?

What do you think? Is this an exploitation of the kids? The chorus director has already said this will be the kids' last performance, but is it one too many?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/06/6-33623-26_newtownchorus-1360172605.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujcV3\n"}, {"title": "Mail Will No Longer Be Delivered on Saturdays", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/loop-mail-will-no-longer-be-delivered-saturdays/", "text": "

A formal announcement is expected today - but word is out now: The Postal Service will be stopping Saturday mail delivery beginning this summer. Eliminating just one day of delivery is estimated to save up to $40 billion over ten years.

Express Mail packages will still be delivered on Saturdays - just none of our beloved catalogs we never asked for and the bills we were anxiously awaiting.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/06/6-33618-postal_service_stops_saturday_mail-1360164439.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVaG\n"}, {"title": "Is Facebook the New Google?", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/loop-facebook-new-google/", "text": "

Do you now go to Facebook to find someone more often than Google? The survey says that nearly half of single women do their pre-date (ahem) research on Facebook.

Less men (38%) are doing their homework beforehand, saying they prefer to get to know a woman in-person - and nearly half of them (49%) saying they think it's 'unacceptable' for a person to research another before a date. Is that because both men and women in the survey admitted they would want to 'clean up' their Facebook page before a potential date look at it? Hmm... What's on your Facebook wall?

Hey - are we friends?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/06/6-33616-facebook_stalking-1360127309.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujcV6\n"}, {"title": "Toddler Is Basketball Wunderkind", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/loop-toddler-basketball-wunderkind/", "text": "

Forget Kobe Bryant or even Kevin Durant, this kid's got them both beat when it comes to sinking baskets.

Starting at age 18 months, little Titus has been filmed entertaining friends and family with his trick shots. He can score while standing at the top of a staircase, lying on a trampoline and even with his three older siblings blocking the basket.

NBA coaches, get your bids in now.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVr2\n"}, {"title": "3-Year-Old Killed by 'Toy' Gun", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/3-year-old-killed-toy-gun/", "text": "

Does this pink gun look like a toy to you? It did to a 3-year-old and his 7-year-old sister in Greenville, South Carolina. This very real pink gun, however, went off and killed the little boy as he and his sister played with it, not realizing it was very real, and loaded.

As part of the gun industry's campaign to sell weapons to women, pink guns and even Hello Kitty guns are now for sale, and incredibly attractive to children. The result being the tragic death of Tmorej Smith, while his grandparents were in the next room.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/05/6-33552-discovery_pink_gun_130205a-615x345-1360103852.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/Oujds6\n"}, {"title": "School Girls, Not Boys, Banned from Cursing", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/school-girls-not-boys-banned-cursing/", "text": "

A Catholic school in New Jersey wants its students to clean up their language. But only its female students, because apparently they are so much worse at using foul language than the boys. All of the girls at Queen of Peace High School were required to take a \"no cursing\" pledge while the boys were not. Ummm, WTF?

Or as the principal put it, they want the \"ladies to act like ladies,\" but are apparently not at all worried about the young men acting like gentlemen.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/05/6-33524-cursegirls-1360097483.jpg", "source": "ThinkStock", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujcVg\n"}, {"title": "A Tug-of-War Match Severs Fingers", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/tug-war-match-severs-fingers/", "text": "

One tug-of-war in South El Monte, Calif. has the school district reconsidering its policy concerning the game. This particular matchup had completely unexpected results, in which the rope suddenly snapped, and, in the process, wrapped itself around right hand fingers of two separate students. Somehow, in this motion, the rope also managed to sever fingers on those two students\u2019 hands\u2014a female soccer player and a male football player. Both got taken to USC County Hospital to reattach their digits, and are currently recovering.

Photo via KTLA 5

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/05/6-33495-screen-shot-2013-02-05-at-10-1360091296.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWXzl\n"}, {"title": "Why Kids Play Minecraft", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/why-kids-play-minecraft/", "text": "

This short film talks to a brother and sister for insight into why they love Minecraft. Basically, it's all about the action of building. If you can't wrap your head around Minecraft, just consider it today's (digital) version of LEGOs.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujcVj\n"}, {"title": "Global Kids Fashion Week to Debut", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/global-kids-fashion-week-debut/", "text": "

It's happening, people: There's now a Global Kids Fashion Week. It's going to be in London March 19-20, and will feature top designers like Little Marc Jacobs and less established names like Rachel Riley. Kids' clothing retailer AlexandAlexa is sponsoring the event.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/05/6-33481-24_fashionweek-1360089700.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWXzr\n"}, {"title": "Etch A Sketch Creator Andr\u00e9 Cassagnes Dies", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/etch-sketch-creator-andre-cassagnes-dies/", "text": "

The original handheld game. Andr\u00e9 Cassagnes was an electrician who came up with the idea for the Etch A Sketch while installing a light switch plate that was coated in aluminum and left marks. From electrician to inventor, the story goes on from there. More than 50 years later, the toy is still popular with kids and nostalgic adults.

Do you remember these childhood toys too?

Andr\u00e9 passed away at the age of 86 in a suburb outside of Paris.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/05/6-33471-etch_a_sketch-1360035758.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/Oujdsg\n"}, {"title": "Adding Up the Super Bowl Commercial Calories...", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/adding-super-bowl-commercial-calories/", "text": "

So maybe you watched all the commercials during the big game because - hey, that's part of the fun. But what if you ate all the calories in those commercials? Where would that get you? Besides feeling a wee bit ill, somewhere out there someone did the math - and guess what? That's more than 4,700 calories - if you were reasonable (duh!) and kept everything single serving size.

So - was that more or less than you thought?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/05/6-33473-super_bowl_commercial_calories-1360036952.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVri\n"}, {"title": "Blind Skateboarder Video Goes Viral", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/blind-skateboarder-video-goes-viral/", "text": "

Talk about inspiring. Northwestern sophomore Tommy Carroll lost his sight at age 2 due to retinal cancer. That didn't stop him from pursuing his passion for skateboarding.

A new video of Carroll showing off his skills is making the Internet rounds, thanks to Perry Sport's \"Be Brave Be Safe\" campaign spotlighting the importance of protective sports gear.

", "source": "", "video": "

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujfQJ\n"}, {"title": "5-Year-Old Alabama Hostage Update", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/5-year-old-alabama-hostage-updates/", "text": "


The little boy only identified as \"Ethan\" has been rescued by the FBI, and appears to be physically unharmed. The 5-year-old was taken to the hospital, and his captor was killed by the authorities, though it is unclear how the rescue of the boy, and subsequent death of Sykes occurred.

Six days after a 5-year-old boy was taken hostage from his school bus, the abductor, Jimmy Lee Dykes, and the little boy remain in the underground bunker. While the FBI continues to communicate with the 65-year-old Vietnam veteran who shot and killed the bus driver, Charles Poland, it's still not clear what the killer and kidnapper wants.

Toys, medicine, and other \"comfort items\" have been delivered to the 5-year-old boy who reportedly has Asperger's syndrome, as well as ADD. Dykes has been described as an anti-government fanatic, but with no clear goal.

Photo via FoxNews

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/04/6-33390-alabamahostage-1360013352.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWXPN\n"}, {"title": "Malawa Yousafzi's First Video Since Gun Wound to Head", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/malawa-yousafzis-first-video-gun-wound-head/", "text": "

Malala Yousafzi, the 15-year-old girl who was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman last October has made a full recovery. Admirably standing up for women\u2019s rights, she was saying that women should be allowed to go to school, and she suffered a gunshot wound to the head as a result. Fortunately, the recent surgery to repair her skull and give her what she calls a \u201csecond life\u201d was successful, and she is gradually getting better. In an inspiring video\u2014the first since she was shot, Yousafzi said, \"I can speak, I can see you, I can see everyone and today I can speak and I'm getting better day by day. It's just because of the prayers of people, and because of these prayers, God has given me this new life, and this is a second life. This is the new life and I want to serve the people.\" Watch the video here.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/04/6-33335-screen-shot-2013-02-04-at-11-1360005719.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujfQR\n"}, {"title": "6-Year-Old Crashes Car on Way to See Dad", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/6-year-old-crashes-car-way-see-dad/", "text": "

We don't have much info on this story yet, but so far it's a pretty crazy one: A 6-year-old girl from Pittsburgh woke up on Sunday, stole her mom's car keys, and started driving across town to try and visit her dad. She\u2014surprise!\u2014crashed the car, hitting two parked vehicles and a utility pole. Said the police sergeant: \"How she knew how to operate a car, your guess is as good as mine.\" She is, reportedly, tall for her age.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/04/6-33313-22_carcrash-1360001013.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVHE\n"}, {"title": "Supergirl Running Back Sam Gordon at the Super Bowl", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/supergirl-running-back-sam-gordon-super-bowl/", "text": "

Who was that little girl sitting in Commissioner Roger Goodell's suite at the Super Bowl? Just one Sam Gordon, the 9-year-old pee-wee running back from Utah who thrilled the Internet with a video of her breaking tackles, running for touchdowns and taking down other players. She's become a favorite of the Comish, who thinks she's an inspirational story for everyone. Check out the clips that caught the commissioner's eye, and read Sam's blog of the weekend at ESPNW.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/04/6-33308-screen-shot-2013-02-04-at-9-1360000245.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPAJI\n"}, {"title": "Watch the Best and Worst Commercials of Super Bowl XLVII", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/watch-best-and-worst-commercials-super-bowl-xlvii/", "text": "

The Ravens may have beat the 49ers 34-31, but it's the commercials everyone is still talking about. You can watch the best (Taco Bell? Budweiser?) and worst (GoDaddy!) of them online.

Tell us: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/04/6-33295-super_bowl_commercials-1359950873.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoxAS\n"}, {"title": "Victoria's Secret to Consider 'Survivor' Bra", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/victorias-secret-consider-survivor-bra/", "text": "

There is power in numbers. With 118,000 petition signatures in a Victoria's Secret shopping bag, 27 year old Alanna Maiden approached the company's office in NYC to ask them to consider making a line of 'survivor' bras to help women who have had mastectomies feel beautiful again.

So far, Victoria's Secret has not made any promises to create such a line, but have invited Alanna and her mom, Debbie Barrett, to be part of the discussion. It's a start.

Via ABC News

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/04/6-33297-victorias_secret_survivor_bra-1359951530.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPAJM\n"}, {"title": "It's National Wear Red Day", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/its-national-wear-red-day/", "text": "

The American Heart Association celebrated 10 years of National Wear Red Day on Feb. 1. The event was created to raise awareness about heart disease, which kills more women than all cancers combined.

Image via American Heart Association

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/02/6-33255-screen-shot-2013-02-01-at-4-1359764783.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoxRc\n"}, {"title": "'Sesame Street' Parodies 'Downton Abbey'", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/sesame-street-parodies-downton-abbey/", "text": "

Two PBS shows, one great video. The Children's Television Workshop has created \"Upside Downton Abbey\" where Mr. Carson and the Dowager Countess contend with the challenges of keeping an aristocratic home, while upside down.

Really, we can't enough of the \"Downtown Abbey\" parodies, but this one gets the prize for most adorable.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoxRe\n"}, {"title": "4th Grader Uses Cocaine in Science Fair", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/4th-grader-uses-cocaine-science-fair/", "text": "

The first prize science fair winner at Coral Gables Preparatory Academy had an edge. Emma Bartlett brought over $1,300 worth of cocaine into her elementary school's science fair, and demonstrated how drug dogs were able to sniff out illegal substances. Yes, it was impressive.

In a first in the Miami area, Bartlett tapped her police detective father and his drug dogs for assistance in this fourth grade competition. Which is how she was able to demonstrate, without getting any blow (or dirty money) on her own hands.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/01/6-33241-cocaine-1359756041.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPAJR\n"}, {"title": "Single Mom Cares for 5 Kids With Severe Allergies ", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/single-mom-cares-5-kids-severe-allergies/", "text": "

Now this takes a lot of patience. Single mother of five Susan Backes from Doylestown, Pa. has enough on her plate, just caring for all her children. Amazingly, though, each of her kids has at least somewhat severe allergies, which Backes must carefully keep track of, especially when planning family functions and birthday parties.

In addition to caring for her kids, Backes is a dedicated advocate for awareness of allergies, hoping her story will help others afflicted by severe allergies. See more about Backes in Hope Paige\u2019s Patience.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/01/6-33146-153870808c-1359745492.jpg", "source": "Getty Images/iStockphoto", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoxRm\n"}, {"title": "Dakota Fanning Goes Nude", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/dakota-fanning-goes-nude/", "text": "

The barely-legal, still-almost-a-child star is baring all in her new film Very Good Girls, which premiered at Sundance. Said Fanning about the scene: \"I\u2019ve never done that before and I\u2019m very newly allowed to do that. I was newly 18, so yeah, it was, it\u2019s kind of a sensitive thing, but it\u2019s a part of life.\u201d Oh, how fast they grow up.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/01/6-33137-very-good-girls-premiere-2013-sundance-film-festival-1359741808.jpg", "source": "FilmMagic", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoy7C\n"}, {"title": "New School Food Proposal Released", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/new-school-food-proposal-released/", "text": "

Kids, get ready to say goodbye to Coke, candy bars and most other high-calorie snacks. A government proposal for \"competitive foods\" (those that aren't part of regular school meals) endorses fruits, veggies, dairy products, protein foods and whole-grain rich items. Trans fat, sugar, fat and saturated fat will all closely be monitored. The soonest these guidelines could go into effect is the 2014/15 school year\u2014in other words, your kids have another year or two to enjoy their Snickers.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/01/6-33134-20_schoolfood-1359741805.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoy7F\n"}, {"title": "Mourning Liz Lemon? There's a Ben & Jerry's Flavor for That", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/mourning-liz-lemon-theres-ben-jerrys-flavor/", "text": "

It may be the one time you're told to eat your feelings. While many fans are mourning the loss of Liz Lemon and 30 Rock, Ben & Jerry's is keeping the love alive with a new flavor they're calling \"Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt with Blueberry Lavender Swirl.\"

So wipe those tears and grab a spoon. It's going to be OK.

Via Today Show

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/01/6-33021-30_rock_ben_and_jerrys-1359684725.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPB0k\n"}, {"title": "8th Grader Chooses Fried Chicken Over Girlfriend", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/8th-grader-chooses-fried-chicken-over-girlfriend/", "text": "

Somewhere, this kid's mom is grinning. In a classic note-trading 'do you love me' moment between an 8th grade boy and his girlfriend, the boy makes his priorities clear. Fried chicken comes before girls, always.

She asks \"But r u ready to be there when I'm mad, or need to cry and I can do things that I can't do with anyone else but you with?\"

To which he replies, \"Yes I am ready unless I'm eating fried chicken.\"

Because, obviously.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/01/6-33018-8_year_old_breakup_line-1359684139.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPCRT\n"}, {"title": "Professors to Debate Genetic Engineering", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/professors-debate-genetic-engineering/", "text": "

Is it OK for parents to choose their baby's eye color or height via genetic engineering? How about treating a deformity? Professors from top U.S. universities and London will debate the moral implications and complications of the practice on Intelligence Squared, which will be live-streamed on Feb. 13.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: Would You Genetically Engineer Your Unborn Child?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/02/01/6-32996-genetics-1359678602.jpg", "source": "ThinkStock", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPBgF\n"}, {"title": "Drugs Found in Diapers", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/drugs-found-diapers/", "text": "

Here's a weird one for you. As CNN reported a drug-smuggling diaper-wearing pair flying into JFK from the Dominican Republic, the reporter got side tracked a bit while doing diaper duty.

This nugget was lost in the middle of the segment, but has us freaking out a bit: In the UK, 92 out of over 100 diaper changing stations tested positive for cocaine. So maybe don't change your baby in public while visiting the Queen. Yikes!

Image via Trade Korea

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32908-tk-1359672836.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPBgH\n"}, {"title": "Middle School Shooting in Georgia", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/middle-school-shooting-georgia/", "text": "

Reports out of Atlanta say one 14-year-old student was shot in the head at Price Middle School at 1:50 p.m. this afternoon. While the student was said to be breathing and awake as he was taken to the hospital, there is no report on his current condition.

Early reports in yet another school shooting, say the suspect was another student, and he has been taken into custody. A teacher was reportedly wounded as well, but not as a result of being shot. This story is still developing, so check back for updates.

Photo via WSBTV

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32897-atlantaschool-1359670225.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQovJ3\n"}, {"title": "Docs Help Develop App to Get Kids to Get Flu Shot", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/docs-help-develop-app-get-kids-get-flu-shot/", "text": "

Sure, doctors said we should all get the flu shot, but many of us ignore it, especially kids, who are at a huge risk of getting the illness. So pediatric specialist Dr. Leonard Krilov at Winthrop University hospital decided to get together with some students in game development to create an app that would encourage kids to get the flu shot. Now, the app is being tested by officials at Winthrop, who claim that every child who has been shown the game has opted for the shot. Well done!

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32851-screen-shot-2013-01-31-at-11-1359662110.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoy7V\n"}, {"title": "Teacher Donates Kidney to Stranger", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/teacher-donates-kidney-stranger/", "text": "

After Jeff Desmond came down with bacterial meningitis, his kidneys shut down, leaving him in need of a transplant. His siblings weren't a match, so wife Tina took to Facebook with a plea for help. Seventh-grade science teacher Buffy Sexton\u2014a total stranger to the Desmonds\u2014answered the call. Not only will she be donating a kidney, but she's asked that the procedure be taped so she can use it in lessons as teaching material.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32735-19_kidney-1359655308.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQoyog\n"}, {"title": "Football Star's \"Proposal\" to 6-Year-Old", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/football-stars-proposal-6-year-old/", "text": "

First, the back story: In this adorable video on YouTube, 6-year-old Breanna is crying because she wishes she were 25... which would make her old enough to marry Houston Texan's NFL player J.J. Watt, who's talked to the media about his difficulty finding a girlfriend.

Fast forward just a few days, and J.J.'s tracked down the girl, and\u2014as evidenced by this super-sweet photo\u2014asked her to be his pretend wife for the day.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32733-18_jjwatt-1359654007.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPEcg\n"}, {"title": "Teachers Required to Tell Parents if Their Child is Gay", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/teachers-required-tell-parents-if-their-child-gay/", "text": "

Tennessee is trying to pass a bill that requires teachers to inform parents if their child identifies themselves as LGBT. This is just one part of the 'Don't Say Gay' bill - as it's being called - which also bans teachers in grades K-8 from discussing anything regarding 'non-heterosexual' sexuality.

What do you think: Should teachers be required to tell parents their child is gay?

This is the second time State Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) has authored the bill - the first time it did not pass.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32723-dont-say-gay-tennessee-e1359555075284-1359602204.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPEcl\n"}, {"title": "A Monster on Twitter?", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/monster-twitter/", "text": "

Grover of Sesame Street fame took Twitter by storm today, taking over the Sesame Street Twitter account to have some family-friendly fun inspired by the classic 1971 children's book, The Monster at the End of This Book: Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover. The result was twenty-nine fun tweets that are kid-safe and very cute.

Guess it's never too early to introduce your little one to social media.

Via Mashable

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32724-sesame_street_grover_on_twitter-1359602109.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fQovJg\n"}, {"title": "Dolce & Gabbana Launches Baby Perfume", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/dolce-gabbana-launches-baby-perfume/", "text": "

While it might not be the cure for spit-ups, Dolce & Gabbana's new perfume for infants could certainly help with keeping baby smelling like, well, a baby. \"How can babies smell sweeter than they already do?\" asked designer Stefano Gabbana on Instagram. Apparently with this new scent\u2014which has notes of citrus, honey and melon, according to the New York Daily News.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: What's the Most Unique Gift You've Bought for Baby?

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/31/6-32661-screen-shot-2013-01-30-at-3-1359592788.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPDoK\n"}, {"title": "Friends Playing Tag For 23 Years", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/friends-playing-tag-23-years/", "text": "

In the cutest ongoing game of tag in the world, nine high school friends decided to revive their high school competition in fairness to the last one to be \"it.\"

\"The whole thing was quite devastating,\" says Mr. Tombari. \"I was 'It' for life.\" Now in their 40s, these men have been playing tag for the past 23 years. Every February the group picks up where they left off, and travels around the U.S. to make sure someone else is \"it\" for the year. Whether it's sneaking into bedrooms at 2 a.m., hiding in bushes, or tackling the priest outside his rectory, it's game on.

Photo from The Wall Street Journal

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32568-tagp1-bk091_tag_g_20130128174647-1359578769.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eJPDoQ\n"}, {"title": "65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes, Alabama Bus Shooter, Hiding in Bunker", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/alabama-bus-shooter-hiding-bunker/", "text": "

65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes is holed up in a bunker after getting into an Alabama bus and shooting 66-year-old bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr. yesterday. He reportedly came into the bus, demanded that the driver let a child come with him, and when Poland refused, shot the man dead and fled the scene with the child. He is now with the child in an underground bunker.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32546-57444963c-1359575355.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujdIC\n"}, {"title": "Toddler Survives After Pencil Impales Her Skull", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/toddler-survives-after-pencil-impales-her-skull/", "text": "


Um, oww. A 20-month old girl, Olivia, is expected to make a full recovery after falling onto a colored pencil which impaled her brain and eye socket. It took more than 50 doctors to remove the pencil, four inches of which had made its way into her skull.

Olivia is thought to have suffered at least three strokes during the surgery to remove the pencil but she is expected to be OK.

Via Buzzfeed

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32486-pencil_in_head_xray-1359512703.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVY4\n"}, {"title": "Amy Poehler to Publish Memoir", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/amy-poehler-publish-memoir/", "text": "

Funny mom/comedian/actress Amy Poehler will be publishing a memoir, set to hit shelves in 2014, according to the Los Angeles Times. The book will be an \"illustrated, non-linear diary full of humor and honesty and brimming with true stories, fictional anecdotes and life lessons ...,\" says the press release from It Books, which is publishing Poehler's memoir.

It's sure to be a tossup as to what's funnier\u2014the true stories or fictional anecdotes.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/30/6-32447-19th-annual-screen-actors-guild-awards-red-carpet-1359507007.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujdIG\n"}, {"title": "John Kerry New Secretary of State", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/john-kerry-new-secretary-state/", "text": "

The final step to confirm John Kerry as the next Secretary of State for the United States of America has been completed. Senator Kerry from Massachusetts, is now Secretary Kerry, taking over for Hillary Clinton who is stepping down after four years of service.

Now, we can only hope that someone catches Kerry texting and we can get an equally amazing meme going this year.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/29/6-32399-kerry24825_314898062293_7999757_n-1359499662.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVYa\n"}, {"title": "'Twin House' Has Solid Birth Record", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/twin-house-has-solid-birth-record/", "text": "

What's going on at 209 NW 17th in Oklahoma City? The current residents, the Smith family, welcomed boy/girl twins in August of last year. What's the big deal? The couple who lived there before also had boy/girl twins. And the couple before them, yep, lived there with boy/girl twins.

There's a reason the neighbors warned the Smiths about the 'twin house' when they moved in, and why Brady Smith has friends who won't even drive down his block.

Photo from The Oklahoman

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/29/6-32397-twinhouse1938315-1359499660.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWY6o\n"}, {"title": "Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/hilarious-pregnancy-announcement-goes-viral/", "text": "

Oh, Reddit. You do so much for us. Today's exhibit: This birth announcement. It features a little guy with a couple of water guns, in a poster for the fake movie \"Sibling Rivalry.\" Movie date? Coming this summer.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/29/6-32268-17_siblingrivalry-1359480785.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWY6v\n"}, {"title": "Caldecott and Newbery Awards Announced", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/caldecott-and-newbery-awards-announced/", "text": "

Katherine Applegate won the John Newbery Medal for 2012's outstanding book with The One and Only Ivan, while Jon Klassens' This Is Not My Hat won the Randolph Caldecott Medal for outstanding illustration. The One and Only Ivan is the story of a daydreaming gorilla and a baby elephant... yeah, that's money.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/29/6-32267-16_caldecott-1359480782.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWYmN\n"}, {"title": "Daughter Pranks Mom with Fake News Story", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/daughter-pranks-mom-fake-news-story/", "text": "

Well she might be safe and innocent for now, but after pulling this prank on her poor mother, this not-so-funny 20 year old might want to consider going on the lam.

After being told by her mother to behave herself on a trip out of state, this girl thought it would be funny to write up a fake news article accusing her of voluntary manslaughter and public indecency.

This is why we get gray hair, children.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/29/6-32242-mom_prank-1359431000.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVYg\n"}, {"title": "New Trend in Child Portraits?", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/new-trend-child-portraits/", "text": "

Therapy required in 3...2...1. Yeah.

It seems there's no such thing as a simple child portrait with a super fake-looking landscape backdrop anymore. (Those were the good ol' days, weren't they?) Now it's all about scaring your child (or future child as evidenced here) into a lifetime of nightmares via photos like this one found on Reddit.

Good luck, kid.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/29/6-32244-ridiculous_child_photos-1359432005.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1ePWVYj\n"}, {"title": "Couples Crowd Fund Adoptions", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/couples-crowd-fund-adoptions/", "text": "

And you thought crowd funding was just for indie film projects. Couples are now going online to sites such as GoFundMe.com to raise money for adoptions. Site visitors can donate as much or as little as they'd like to adoptive families who are seeking help with associated fees.

No word yet, though, on how they'll finance the child once he or she is adopted.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/29/6-32232-screen-shot-2013-01-28-at-4-1359421656.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/Oujg7r\n"}, {"title": "Kid President's Pep Talk", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kid-presidents-pep-talk/", "text": "

No words needed for this one... just watch the video, people. It features the cutest little boy ever (also known as Kid President) giving a pep talk about making life awesome and stuff like that. Seriously, this kid is just about as inspirational as the real president. Wiping away a tear now.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/Oujg7t\n"}, {"title": "Boy Scouts Reconsider Gay Ban", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/boy-scouts-reconsider-gay-ban/", "text": "

In a huge reversal of an earlier decision only months ago, the Boy Scouts of America are expected to announce a reversal of their ban on homosexuals in the scouts.

Not unlike how the U.S. government allows \"the states to decide\" the national organization will most likely be leaving the decision to allow or to ban homosexual scouts to the local organizations.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/28/6-32189-boyscouts-1359409655.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/Oujg7w\n"}, {"title": " Breast Cancer Victim's Child Publishes Her Book", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/breast-cancer-victims-children-publish-her-book/", "text": "

This is one of those times something uplifting happens out of tragedy. Donna Weber had been lost to breast cancer at the age of 61, but while her daughter Juliana Weber and cousin LuEtt Hanson were sorting through an old cedar chest, they found what seemed to be a draft for a novel that Donna had been working on for at least three decades\u2014surprising to Juliana since her mother maybe mentioned it twice in her life. Juliana knew immediately she wanted to publish the book to honor her mother. Well, as of this past December, the book has been available to buy, with all proceeds going to her mother's favorite book stores and toward cancer research. \"The last thing I want to do is profit from my mother's work,\" Juliana said. \"That's not right.\" The book is available on Barnes and Noble.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/28/6-32134-ladyslipperc-1359398402.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujgnN\n"}, {"title": "NBA Star and His Two Moms", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/nba-star-and-his-two-moms/", "text": "

Kenneth Faried, a young star on the Denver Nuggets of the NBA, has come out in support of gay marriage. Why? Because he \"has two moms, and nobody can tell me I can't.\" Nicknamed the Manimal on the court, Faried showed his softer side in this new video where he talks about his unique family.

", "source": "", "video": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujgnP\n"}, {"title": "Pot to Treat Autism", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/pot-treat-autism/", "text": "

We've heard about medical marijuana, but as a treatment for autism in children? It works, says the Echols family of Oregon. The son, Alex, was routinely self-harming, hitting himself and head-banging until he bled profusely. The behavior was so severe that they had to send him to a state mental institution. After being approved for medical marijuana, though, the family has seen improvements in his behavior.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/28/6-32106-screen-shot-2013-01-28-at-9-1359394987.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujgnT\n"}, {"title": "'Bad Lip Reading' Series Targets Beyonc\u00e9", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/bad-lip-reading-series-targets-beyonce/", "text": "

The wildly popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading\u2014famous for dubbing NFL players with new dialogue\u2014has struck again, this time targeting Beyonc\u00e9 and her now infamous lip-syncing inauguration debacle.

The video is hilarious but the 1:59 mark will make you LOL.

Via Mashable

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/28/6-32084-screen-shot-2013-01-27-at-7-1359343282.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OujefJ\n"}, {"title": "New Norovirus Strain Appearing, Spreading", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/new-norovirus-strain-appearing-spreading/", "text": "

Well it's always something, isn't it? While the flu continues to make headlines, a new Norovirus strain is also rapidly appearing and spreading according to the CDC.

There are no vaccines to treat or prevent the strain.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/28/6-32086-norovirus-1359344856.png", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVll2v\n"}, {"title": "40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Met with Protest", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/40th-anniversary-roe-v-wade-met-protest/", "text": "

It's one of the most divisive issues in our country, and the discord did not take a break today, as pro-life supporters gathered in Washington, D.C., to protest Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion celebrated its 40th anniversary this week.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/26/6-32065-march-for-life-marks-40th-anniversary-of-roe-v-wade-1359163420.jpg", "source": "Getty Images", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OAknCE\n"}, {"title": "The Puppy Bowl Lineup Is Here!", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/puppybowlscreen-shot-2013-01-25-1/", "text": "

Get ready for the most exciting sporting event of 2013, everybody. The Puppy Bowl IX starting lineup has been announced, and it is a site to behold.

The most adorable\u2014yet competitive, this is serious people\u2014event on television is coming Sunday, February 3 on Animal Planet, so check your local listings. It's impossible to choose a favorite fuzzy footballer, but one must. Who's your puppy pick? We're rooting for Fitz.

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/25/6-32011-puppybowlscreen-shot-2013-01-25-at-1-1359152138.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVll2B\n"}, {"title": "High School Is Worse Than You Thought", "url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/highschool130121_4_560/", "text": "

We all know that high school can be a rough time on our self-esteem, but now there is evidence that the damage can last a lifetime.

New York magazine's article, \"Why You Truly Never Leave High School\" spells out why the teen years are the most crucial learning time for social, and emotional intelligence. The problem? Our high school experience is NOT helpful in this development.

Photo via Irina Werning

", "image": "http://files.mom.me/photos/2013/01/25/6-32010-inlhighschool130121_4_560-1359150980.jpg", "source": "", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVll2E\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/sesame-street-expands-afghanistan/", "source": "Getty Images", "title": "'Sesame Street' Expands to Afghanistan", "text": "

Sesame Street is expanding all the way across the ocean\u2014to the Middle East. Called Baghch-e-Simsim, the Afghan version doesn\u2019t show on television (since many households do not have a TV), but on radio, so the children are forced to use their imaginations to see what the characters and setting look like. The results of these kids\u2019 minds were so great that one radio station had the children send in their pictures and these are some of the ones they came up with. Pretty amazing.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OAknSW\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/legoland-open-lego-themed-hotel/", "source": "", "title": "Legoland to Open LEGO-Themed Hotel", "text": "

It's every LEGO-loving kid's dream: A hotel built out of LEGOs. OK, maybe the structure won't consist purely of the plastic bricks we're used to stepping on in the middle of the night, but each room will be tailored to three different LEGO themes: Adventure, Pirate and Kingdom\u2014with several Lego structures throughout.

According to Mashable, the hotel is being built adjacent to the Carlsbad, Calif. LEGOLAND location and is set to open this April.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGFGi\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/michael-buble-expecting-baby/", "source": "", "title": "Michael Bubl\u00e9 Expecting a Baby", "text": "

Are lullabies in his future? Singer Michael Bubl\u00e9 and wife Luisana Lopilato are expecting a baby, according to Fox News. But you can watch their exciting announcement to the world on YouTube for yourself.

No word on when \"Mini Buble\" is expected to make his or her arrival.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLKRe\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/yes-we-lie-our-kids/", "source": "", "title": "Yes, We Lie to Our Kids", "text": "

You know you've done it. Whether it was trying to explain how Santa delivers so many presents in one night or when you threatened to bolt during a particularly gnarly public tantrum, ABCNews.com reports that 84 percent of U.S. parents have lied to their children at some point.

The other 16 percent? Well, you tell us.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION: What Lies Have You Told Your Kids?

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGFGo\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/stay-home-dads-do-it-differently/", "source": "", "title": "Stay-At-Home Dads Do It Differently", "text": "

With the rise of the stay-at-home dad, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the gender roles, housekeeping and playtime for today's families are changing.

Sure we all know how to use technology, but dads seem to use their apps to solve household problems, and tend to spend more time outdoors with kids than moms usually do. While all of this is great for the kids and home, there is still no word on how to get dads to notice the dirty socks on the floor.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLLVq\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/victorias-secret-comes-clean/", "source": "", "title": "Victoria's Secret Comes Clean", "text": "

Victoria's Secret has announced an end to using dangerous chemicals while producing its lacy underthings by the end of 2013. After being called out by Greenpeace for using phthalates as one of the elements in manufacturing, VS has said it will come clean about what goes into its production, and remove those toxins that no one wants near their privates.

You're suddenly wondering what you've been putting on your bod, right?

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGFGz\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/snoop-would-teach-kids-how-smoke-marijuana/", "source": "Getty Images", "title": "Snoop Would Teach Kids How to Smoke Marijuana", "text": "

... But he would only teach them if they really wanted to, according to GQ magazine. He would not push the drug on kids, but would show them \"the right way, so that way they won't get nothing put in their s*** or overdose or trying some s*** that ain't clean,\" he says. Snoop Dogg\u2014or Lion\u2014also has a children's book out about a girl who's taught about how great pot is by her parents, called It's Just a Plant: A Children's Story of Marijuana.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLKRg\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/moms-reflection-adhd-meds/", "source": "", "title": "A Mom's Reflection on ADHD Meds", "text": "

This piece about a mom's decision to place her 11-year-son on Ritalin for ADHD pulled at our heartstrings, and really got us thinking. In Australia's The Global Mail, Annemarie Jonson writes about her struggle to discern what parts of her son's behavior are normal parts of being a young boy, and what parts are inhibiting his ability to grow in the classroom. In a somewhat disconcerting conclusion, she realizes that the two may be the same\u2014classrooms are not built to best serve little boys' inherent characteristics, and as a result, they're being medicated in order to simply fit in.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGFWP\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/new-grandma-bes-priceless-reaction/", "source": "", "title": "New Grandma-to-Be's Priceless Reaction", "text": "

Check out this video of Shirley Brown as she finds out her daughter is pregnant. We love her over-the-top enthusiasm ... and so does the rest of the web, as the clip has already racked up over 160,000 views. Brown had been waiting to become a grandmother for 10 years, so the news was more than welcome.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLLVr\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/mcdonalds-using-qr-codes-give-nutrition-information/", "source": "", "title": "McDonald's Using QR Codes to Give Nutrition Information", "text": "

Fast food just got more high-tech. (Now if only they could work on that whole \"healthy\" thing ... )

Mashable reports that McDonald's is now using QR codes to give customers nutrition information about their food. Besides nutrition info, the codes will be a way for customers to engage and track where there food came from. Um, the drive-through?

Photo via Mashable

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It's not news that smoking is bad for you. However a recent study is calculating just how bad it is, revealing that longtime smoking can take 10 years off your life\u2014and that's just the average.

And for once it's good to be a quitter: Those who quit before age 35 have a chance of gaining back those 10 years of life expectancy.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLLVt\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/study-unplanned-pregnancies-military-rise/", "source": "ThinkStock", "title": "Study: Unplanned Pregnancies in the Military on the Rise", "text": "

Unplanned pregnancies are not only on the rise in the military but are also 50 percent higher than the national average, according to a new study to be published next month in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. Although they have access to free contraception, almost 11 percent of more than 7,000 active-duty servicewomen surveyed by the Department of Defense in 2008 had become pregnant the year before, a rate that has increased since 2005.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGI4Z\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/waiter-boots-customer-special-needs-comment/", "source": "", "title": "Waiter Boots Customer for 'Special Needs' Comment", "text": "

Big tips for the waiters at Laurenzo's Prime Rib in Houston who stood up for a little boy with Down Syndrome, and escorted a rude patron out the door. Today Michael Garcia still has his job and a lot of respect from the regulars at Laurenzo's as well.

Milo Castillo, age 5, and his family were enjoying a meal at one of their favorite restaurants when a man sitting next to their table asked to be moved, saying, \"Special needs kids should be kept in special places.\" Garcia promptly asked him to leave altogether while chastising the rude man for saying such a thing in front of his own family.

Image via 29-95

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Women in the military are about to have a lot more job opportunities as the Pentagon prepares to announce that women will now be allowed in combat. As one official said, \u201cWe should open all specialties to the maximum extent possible to women. We know they can do it.\u201d We always knew it too, and it's nice to see women taking further steps in equality in the workplace, even if it is directly in the line of fire.

The announcement should come tomorrow, and women will be allowed to move into combat roles as early as the end of this year.

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These two soon-to-be fathers wanted to truly empathize with their wives over the possible pains and struggles of childbirth\u2014so they got \"hooked up to a machine with electrodes stuck to their abdomens,\" according to ABC News, to mimic the sensations associated with labor. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News senior medical contributor is skeptical whether these men went through even close to the real thing. But watch the video below and see for yourself. What do you think?

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLKRp\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/your-nose-bulb-filled-mold/", "source": "", "title": "Is Your Nose Bulb Filled With Mold?", "text": "

The latest photo to go viral is... really, really gross. Mitzi Johnson cut open her baby's nose bulb syringe, and the results\u2014posted in a picture on Facebook\u2014were startling. The bulb was filled with mold, even though Johnson washed it after every use with hot soapy water. It's impossible to dry the inside of the bulb, though, which is likely why the mold grows. We'll definitely think twice before using one of those again!

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGGdn\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/teacher-trouble-facebook-stunt/", "source": "", "title": "Teacher in Trouble for Facebook Stunt", "text": "

After posting photos of her middle-schoolers with duct tape over their mouths and the caption, \"finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!\" on her personal Facebook page, Ohio math teacher Melissa Cairns is facing losing her job. The picture has now been removed, but school administrators are concerned about the breach of students' privacy. (The duct tape also has raised questions, but most accept the explanation that it was a student-led joke.)

What do you think? Should Cairns be let go? Did she violate student privacy?

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The song that just won't go away is suddenly lovable when you watch a 7-month-old doing the dance moves.

Most babies can't talk or walk yet at this age but this baby has mastered the \"trendy\" milestone well before his one-year checkup. Aye!

Via Mashable

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Everything old is new again. New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees\u2014all boy bands of yesteryear, far before the likes of One Direction and whatever our kids are into now\u2014are making a comeback with an upcoming early summer tour.

Sure, the musical nostalgia will be nice\u2014but will there be anything sweeter than plucking an earbud from your tween's ear and whispering, \"Honey, those guys are MY age?\" We think not.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLMsg\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/shakira-welcomes-baby/", "source": "", "title": "Shakira Welcomes Baby", "text": "

Congrats to singer Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Piqu\u00e9, who welcomed a little boy named Milan Piqu\u00e9 Mebarak today. According to an announcement on Shakira's site, Milan means \"dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification.\" Mebarak is Shakira's last name, though she rarely uses it. Milan weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces, and is in \"excellent health.\" Before the birth, Shakira tweeted \"I'd like to ask you all to accompany me in your prayers on this very important day of my life,\" in both Spanish and English.

Photo via Celeb Essence

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As hundreds of thousands crowded into Washington, D.C. for President Barack Obama's second inauguration, one little girl's time-killing activities went viral. The 8-year-old, Cassie Ibata, created an American flag out of pebbles under her feet, and an intrepid NBC reporter captured the moment. Her impromptu art project on inauguration day has been tweeted, Instagram'd, and shared all over the World Wide Web.

Image via NBC

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLL7P\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/another-school-shooting-texas/", "source": "", "title": "Another School Shooting in Texas", "text": "

Two victims of a shooting have been taken to a Houston area hospital in what is the second school shooting of 2013. It has been confirmed that one student and one staff member at Lone Star College in north Houston have been shot, and are being treated. There are possibly three more victims, and the gunman has not been apprehended at this time.

Join the conversation: Has your opinion on gun control changed?

Image via ABC13

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGGdz\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/parents-tardy-getting-their-newborns-vaccinated/", "source": "Getty Images/Brand X", "title": "Parents Tardy in Getting Their Newborns Vaccinated", "text": "

It looks like the anti-vaccination community is steadily growing: Almost half of babies and toddlers in the U.S. aren\u2019t getting their vaccinations on time, perhaps due to many parents' unfounded fear that vaccinations may be connected to autism (a claim that has repeatedly been proven false by the scientific community). Study researcher Jason Glanz fears that the tardy vaccinations may expose those children to diseases we\u2019ve been without for awhile. \u201cIt\u2019s possible that some of these diseases that we worked so hard to elmininate (could) come back,\u201d Glanz said.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLMso\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/30-percent-teen-girls-meet-online-strangers/", "source": "Getty Images", "title": "30 Percent of Teen Girls Meet Online Strangers", "text": "

A new study found that 30 percent of girls ages 14 to 17 went on to meet people\u2014whom they'd only acquainted themselves with online\u2014in person. Histories of neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse made girls especially likely to meet online strangers in person. Not surprisingly, girls who posted provocative content were also more likely to have in-person meetings.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLLoc\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/tumblr-overtaking-facebook/", "source": "", "title": "Tumblr Overtaking Facebook?", "text": "

A survey of 1,038 teens found that 61 percent of 13- to 18-year-olds use Tumblr regularly, as opposed to only 55 percent using Facebook. And 19- to 25-year-olds also report more usage of Tumblr, by a margin of 5 percent. Unfamiliar with Tumblr? It's a microblogging platform combined with social media capabilities. Over 77 million blogs exist on the platform to date, including everything from personal diaries to movie-themed blogs to\u2014of course\u2014cats.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGIBW\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/malia-obama-photobombs-inauguration/", "source": "", "title": "Malia Obama Photobombs Inauguration", "text": "

The President's kids: They're just like us! Malia Obama, daughter of Barack and Michelle, made headlines with what will now undoubtedly be one of the most famous photobombs of all time\u2014at her father's inauguration.

Related: 22 Hilarious Photobombs by Kids

In an attempt to ruin her sister Sasha's photo of mom and dad kissing at this historic event, Malia made headlines of her own, Mashable calling it (prematurely?) the \"best photobomb of 2013.\"

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGGu2\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/1-5-students-not-earning-diplomas-time/", "source": "AFP/Getty Images", "title": "1 in 5 Students Not Earning Diplomas on Time", "text": "

There's good news and there's bad news. First the good news: The high school graduation rate in the U.S. is at its highest since 1976, according to the Education Department. However, (the bad news) more than a fifth of students are failing to earn those diplomas in four years.

The Education Department says a struggling economy means more competition for kids and therefore a stronger desire for a diploma.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGIC4\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/pediatrician-starts-program-help-autistic-kids-fly/", "source": "www.jupiterimages.com", "title": "Pediatrician Starts Program to Help Autistic Kids Fly", "text": "

Someone get the Pediatrician of the Year award ready: After hearing from her autistic patients' parents how difficult it is for them to get their children onto airplanes, Dr. Wendy Ross decided to make things easier for them. So she worked with clinicians and airlines to develop a very successful program that helps autistic children grow accustomed to boarding aircraft. \"These families feel so trapped, it's heartbreaking,\" Ross told People magazine. \"I thought, 'What can I do to make this right?'\" Beginning in Philadelphia International Airport, this program has since expanded to Washington, D.C., and Chicago, with future plans in Houston, L.A. and Newark later this year.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLLol\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/report-kids-can-grow-out-autism/", "source": "Getty Images/Flickr RF", "title": "Report: Kids Can 'Grow Out' of Autism", "text": "

Research funded by the National Institute of Health asserts that some children with early-childhood diagnoses of autism may no longer have the disorder when they get older. The study, which was published in the January 16 issue of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, says the diagnosis of autism is \"not usually lost over time,\" but there is a wide range of possible outcomes, and for those with an \"optimal outcome,\" it can mean that despite their early diagnosis, they function \"normally\" compared to their peers later on in life. In these cases, the initial diagnosis was usually for kids with milder social problems at the onset.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLLon\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/are-online-baby-showers-next-big-thing/", "source": "", "title": "Are Online Baby Showers the Next Big Thing?", "text": "

Pop star Shakira is pregnant with her first baby, and UNICEF just threw her a virtual baby shower. For as little as $5, you can purchase malaria nets to help save the lives of impoverished children in her honor. $10 will get a polio vaccine. Shakira isn't the first to have an online shower, although not all are as benevolent as hers. For moms-to-be who can't get all their girlfriends in the same room, Skype or iChat can help connect two showers thrown in different locations through a webcam. Google+ Hangouts and Facebook can also help with the logistics.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGGKu\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/vaccines-safe-babies/", "source": "", "title": "Vaccines Safe for Babies", "text": "

Another comprehensive study confirms that, indeed, vaccines are safe, and even if there are risks, the benefits are worth it. The Institute of Medicine conducted a study on the vaccine schedule at the behest of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and concluded that the shots are not only safe, but also that those who shun or delay them risk autoimmune disease, asthma, seizures, child development disorders and learning disorders, among other issues.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGGKw\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/new-jeans-built-moisturizers/", "source": "", "title": "New Jeans With Built-In Moisturizers", "text": "

Every once in a while a product comes along that leaves us scratching our heads and wondering, \"Why? No, really: Why?\" Right now, that product is the new Spa Denim jeans from Wrangler. They're jeans \"infused with high performance skin care ingredients to keep your legs from cracking from the sometimes-dehydrating effect of wearing denim.\" If you are the lone person on the planet who has experienced dry legs as a result of jeans, then these ones, made with aloe vera and olive extract, are exactly what you are waiting for. However at $140 a pair, your wallet might just rather invest in a pair of $40 jeans from the Gap and a $5 bottle of moisturizer and call it a day.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLMZn\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kids-suspended-imaginary-game-cops-and-robbers/", "source": "", "title": "Kids Suspended for Imaginary Game of Cops and Robbers", "text": "

Is it possible that some are taking sensitivity to anything gun-related a mite too far? Two first-graders were suspended from a Maryland elementary school after playing an imaginary game of cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to form guns. One of the boy's parents said the suspension was ridiculous, and that \"it is indicative of a school system that is not attempting to teach the problem but just removing students.\"

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1fYLOjZ\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/toddler-campus/", "source": "Getty Images", "title": "A Toddler on Campus? ", "text": "

Should a young mom be allowed to frequently have her 4-year-old son over as a guest at her dorm room\u2014and even spend the night? Shasten Snellgroves says the answer ought to be no\u2014at least, when that mom is her roommate. The NYU junior says the school's sign-in policy allows her roommate's son to spend every day and six nights a month in the dorm\u2014which the roommate is taking full advantage of. What do you think? Does a toddler belong in a college dorm? Does a mom have the right to bring her kid onto campus? Is this mom a bad parent ... or an amazing parent?

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGGKy\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/new-service-lets-kids-matchmake-parents/", "source": "", "title": "New Service Lets Kids Matchmake for Parents", "text": "

It's hard to argue that kids know what their parents like and don't like, so it stands to reason that kids just might be the best people to set up dates for their single parents. That's the theory behind a new dating service for single moms and dads, mylovelyparent.com, which was launched by a man trying to help his own mother find love. It's meant for use by grown children\u2014users must be 18 or older to create profiles for their parents.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGGKC\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kids-beg-obama-ban-guns/", "source": "", "title": "Kids Beg Obama to Ban Guns", "text": "

Just a month over 26 lives were taken by guns at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama announced a set of anti-gun proposals, including making fewer guns available through banning the sale of new assault weapons, making universal background checks mandatory and outlawing the sale of high-capacity magazines. Joining him at the press conference was a group of students upset about what happened in Newtown\u2014some of whom had written him letters.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eQGH0S\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/dear-abby-creator-dies-94/", "source": "", "title": "'Dear Abby' Creator Dies at 94", "text": "

Pauline Phillips, known to readers for her famous advice column 'Dear Abby' has passed away at age 94.

According to TMZ, Pauline had been battling Alzheimer's disease.

Pauline's daughter, Jeanne, had taken over the advice column saying, \"My mother leaves very big high heels to fill with a legacy of compassion,commitment and positive social change. I will honor her memory every day by continuing this legacy.\"

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVlljc\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/mushrooms-girl-scout-cookies/", "source": "", "title": "Mushrooms in Girl Scout Cookies", "text": "

There are few things in life better than Girl Scout cookies. Correction: There were fewer things. Now that a Girl Scout cookie made with mushrooms is being introduced, it might spoil the reputation for the rest of them. The Girl Scouts have announced a new \"treat,\" Mango Cr\u00e8mes, which are crispy cookies with mango, coconut, vanilla and something called Nutrifusion\u2014which includes, along with other nutrient-rich ingredients, shiitake mushrooms. Yeah, best of luck to the Mango Cr\u00e8mes in outselling Samoas.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OAknT5\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/ivf-may-increase-blood-clot-risk/", "source": "Getty Images/Brand X", "title": "IVF May Increase Blood Clot Risk", "text": "

For women unable to get pregnant naturally, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is often a godsend. But now comes news from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden that pregnant women who conceived via IVF were more likely to develop a pulmonary embolism, which is a blockage of a major artery in the lung, as well as blood clots during the first trimester. Breathlessness is one symtom of pulmonary thrombosis.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVllzy\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/kids-who-dont-pay-college-could-earn-lower-grades/", "source": "Getty Images", "title": "Kids Who Don't Pay for College Could Earn Lower Grades", "text": "

Parents who pay for their children's college tuition are saving them from graduating with massive amounts of debt, but, as it turns out, they might not be helping them in another important way. A new study published in this month's American Sociological Review suggests that kids whose parents foot the bill for college could end up with a lower grade point average because they have more free time to take on an active social and extracurricular life\u2014with higher grades paying the price, even if just marginally.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OAklur\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/116-diet-mom-gets-book/", "source": "", "title": "1/16: 'Diet Mom' Gets a Book", "text": "

Dara-Lynn Weiss poked the bear last spring when she wrote an article for Vogue about how she put her 7-year-old daughter Bea on a calorie-counting diet. She was criticized for talking about her young daughter's weight struggle so publicly, and for saying things like she \"deprived\" her of dinner. Weiss now has a book soon in stores, The Heavy, which speaks to the forces that lead to her daughter's weight gain as well as little Bea's struggle to lose it and Weiss's own weight wars. Weiss calls the book a \"celebration\" of her daughter.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVlmDM\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/nras-new-target-practice-app-preschoolers/", "source": "", "title": "NRA's New Target Practice App for Preschoolers", "text": "

The National Rifle Association recently claimed video games, not guns are to blame for most gun related deaths. They also just released a target shoot game app, which they say is suitable for kids ages 4 and up. The app's description says the point is to instill \"safe and responsible ownership through fun challenges and realistic simulations.\" Part of the game involves shooting targets affixed to caskets. It was released exactly a month following the Newtown murders.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OAkluz\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/flu-claims-high-five/", "source": "Getty Images/Image Source", "title": "Flu Claims the High Five", "text": "

It's the worst flu season in years, and in addition to the many people who've been hospitalized, the influenza virus has now claimed a different kind of victim: the high five. The Manhattan Soccer Club in New York City just sent an email to parents saying that touching elbows will now replace high-fives and first bumps in an effort to try and stop the spread of the flu. Washing hands is one of the main ways people are advised to prevent spreading the flu, in addition to getting the annual flu shot.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVllzH\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/sandy-hook-students-record-over-rainbow/", "source": "", "title": "Sandy Hook Students Record 'Over the Rainbow'", "text": "

A month after 20 of their classmates and six teachers were murdered in school, 21 children from Newtown, Conn. have come together with singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson to record a touching version of \"Somewhere Over the Rainbow,\" with help from Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club rockers Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth. Proceeds will benefit the Newtown Youth Academy and the United Way of Western Connecticut. The single is available for sale on iTunes.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVllzJ\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/bugaboo-recalls-cameleon-and-donkey-strollers/", "source": "", "title": "Bugaboo Recalls Cameleon and Donkey Strollers", "text": "

More than 50,000 Bugaboo Cameleon and Donkey strollers are being recalled in the U.S. and Canada after 58 reports of carry handles detaching. While no injuries have been reported, there remains the risk that a child could be harmed by falling or choking. The recalled Cameleon stroller was sold between September 2009 and June 2012, and the Donkey stroller was sold from January 2011 and December 2012. Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for more info.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eVllQ3\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/115-royal-summer-baby/", "source": "AFP/Getty Images", "title": "1/15: A Royal Summer Baby", "text": "

Palace officials in London announced that the third in line to the British throne will be a summer baby. The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in July. The palace also said that her condition \"continues to improve\" following a severe bout of morning sickness when her pregnancy was first announced. Due to the wording of the palace's statement, speculation has ceased as to whether Kate is expecting twins. The baby's gender is still not public, but whether boy or girl, the baby will have the same claim to the throne thanks to a change by the British government.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eW6dlz\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/fast-food-linked-asthma-eczema-kids/", "source": "Getty Images", "title": "Fast Food Linked to Asthma, Eczema in Kids", "text": "

The effect of fast food on the childhood obesity epidemic is widely known, but it's now come to light that the number on the scale isn't the only damage that overstuffed burgers and fried chicken nuggets are causing our children. A study published this week in the medical journal Thorax claims that kids who eat fast food three or more times per week are up to 39 percent more likely to develop asthma and eczema. The study looked at more than 2 million children from 100 countries. Fortunately, both conditions are relatively easy to prevent\u2014by ensuring kids get more fruits and veggies.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OB8Qmw\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/vaporized-alcohol-next-dangerous-craze/", "source": "", "title": "Vaporized Alcohol the Next Dangerous Craze?", "text": "

A new device on the market that heats alcohol, allowing it to be inhaled and give the user an \"instant but intense high,\" has some worried about what this means for teans and young adults. The Vaportini, which sells for $35, has barely been on sale for a month, but it's already starting to cause some buzz ... and hardly any of it is good. The instrument allows alcohol to be ingested directly through the bloodstream via the lungs, which means it could cause dangerous levels of intoxication if used to ingest large amounts of alcohol.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/1eW6dlD\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/excessive-compliments-could-hurt-kids/", "source": "Getty Images/Tetra images RF", "title": "Excessive Compliments Could Hurt Kids", "text": "

Most parents compliment their children with the intent of boosting self-esteem, but those kind words might actually be having the opposite effect. Mental health expert Stephen Grosz says that \"empty praises\" can lead to to unhappiness in children if they ultimately feel they cannot live up to \"false expectations.\" According to Grosz, research has found that children heaped with praise were actually more likely to perform poorly in school.

", "short_url": "http://bit.ly/OB8QmA\n"}, {"url": "/parenting/5377-your-daily-download/item/most-famous-sonogram-ever/", "source": "", "title": "The Most Famous Sonogram ... Ever", "text": "

Beyonc\u00e9 isn't known for sharing a whole lot. She didn't admit she was married to superstar Jay-Z\u2014or even engaged or dating, for that matter\u2014until well after the fact. She did come out publicly to say she was pregnant early on, but left all other details to the imagination\u2014even when plenty accused her of faking her pregnancy. Now, she's letting fans in with a new HBO documentary, Life is But a Dream, in which she reveals 1-year-old Blue Ivy's sonogram.

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