How to Control Hair Static

You know the look. Crazy hair, standing on end, static electricity -- not so chic. At times, humidity is low, the air is dry and static develops. You could do damage control with a hat, but when you take it off, your hair will try to follow. Why not solve your hair static problems rather than cover them up? Provide your tresses with much-needed moisture.

Step 1

Wash your tresses with a moisturizing shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. Every couple of days, deep condition your hair to increase moisture. Don't condition too much, or your hair will become limp and unmanageable.

Step 2

Pat, don't rub, your hair with a towel to remove excess water. Mist on a conditioning spray if you have thick hair. For fine hair, work an anti-frizz cream into the ends of your locks.

Step 3

Blow dry, if you must, with a tourmaline or ionic hair dryer, recommends Philip Kingsley, celebrity hair stylist, in an interview with "Cosmopolitan." These types of dryers don't rob your hair of moisture like traditional ones do.

Step 4

Stash an anti-static dryer sheet in your bag, and rub it over your hair if you start to have static problems.

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