Remedy for Brittle Nails

Fragile, brittle nails seem to split and peel whenever the wind blows too strong -- a never-ending nuisance to the gal who dreams of perfectly manicured hands. Blame this unfortunate condition on your gender: Brittle, peeling nails are more common in women than men. Preventive strategies and home manicure techniques put the remedy for brittle nails right at your fingertips.


You may be too much of a domestic diva if you have brittle nails. Most of the time, fragile fingernails are caused by copious re-wetting and re-drying. Think housework -- mopping the floor, scrubbing the tub and watering the plants. The harsh chemicals in household cleansers weaken your nails even more. Slip on cotton-lined rubber gloves before tackling the dirty dishes and other household chores. Put a cap on the amount of time you spend in the bathtub.


Brittle nails thirst for moisturizer. You don't have to invest in a cream just for cuticles unless you really want to. Quench them with a moisturizer formulated for dry skin. Try moisturizers with alpha-hydroxy acids or lanolin for best results. Rub moisturizer into your nails frequently throughout the day and after your hands have been exposed to water. For even deeper treatment, moisturize your hands and nails well, put on cotton-lined gloves and keep them on overnight.

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