OMG, I Dress Like My Kid!

Some fashion trends are best left to our children. Here are a few

Photograph by Veer

One day when my son Eddie was 4, I got out of the car at preschool and realized that we were both wearing hoodies, Converse low-tops, jeans and T-shirts. My 36-year-old self and my toddler son were dressed identically.

These days, mother and child can get dressed within the confines of their own bedrooms and emerge, unknowingly, in the same outfit. Gender and age don’t seem to make a difference either: mothers of toddler boys and school-age girls can both fall into this trap.

So how does it happen? Did I, on that fateful preschool day, unconsciously select from my wardrobe items I imagined Eddie would choose? Was the line between child and self so terribly blurred that, as I slipped on the tee, I imagined I was in fact dressing my son?

Watch out women! There's no need to become the juvenile dresser your child is, just because you take care of him.

I knew that after weathering childbirth, breastfeeding, diaper-changing and drool-absorbing, I’d flushed all remaining dignity down the toilet. But Chucks and an American Apparel tee? Was I dressing like him, or was he dressing like me?

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It’s natural that the two sensibilities — that of mother and child — should fuse, especially when all the clothing sections at Target look alike, only in different sizes. It’s a child-centric culture, where all ages play with the same toys, watch the same shows, master the same technology and listen to the same music.

Watch out, women! There’s no need to become the juvenile dresser your child is, just because you take care of him. That's why I came up with these rules to guide my wardrobe choices in future — you might find them useful too.

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