Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

Author Andrea Pomerantz Lustig shares her wallet-friendly glamour secrets

Photograph by Veer

What busy mom doesn't want to look like a million bucks without taking out a second—or third—mortgage to do so? With so many tempting (read: costly) goodies on the market, it's sometimes tough to know when to splurge and when to leave that gorgeously wrapped package on the shelf. After all, no mom wants to wonder if she should sacrifice Jimmy's new shoes or Janie's ballet tutu for an arsenal of pricey products.

In her new book How to Look Expensive, author Andrea Pomerantz Lustig says you can get that luxe look without actually blowing your credit limit. Here's how.

What Does It Mean to Look Expensive?

Looking expensive is different from looking rich, and I make that distinction in the book. It all relates back to modern beauty. The idea is to look like you take care of yourself and know what you’re doing, not like you spent a fortune on yourself at a fancy salon. It’s luxe, not loud; more Paris, France than Paris Hilton! Looking expensive isn’t all about spending a fortune. It’s about developing an eye and learning the techniques to make yourself look beautifully luxe.

When Can Women Save on Beauty Products Without Sacrificing Their Look?

Honestly, I think it’s more about knowing what to do, educating yourself, developing both the taste and the techniques of classy, classic makeup and hair that makes you look good—not what you spend on beauty products. Once you have the know-how and know what to look for, you can find great products at any price point.

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