Mommy's Got a Wrinkle (or Two)

Since when did my son notice more than my smile?

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You knew the day was coming. Not the bittersweet day when your baby toddles off onto the playground without a backward glance for mommy’s reassurance. Not the tear-inducing day when your sweet little darling goes to her first day of kindergarten. But the day when your sweet little angel, sitting tight in your warm and loving embrace, peers at you, then places a finger tenderly on your face. Your heart melts with love. Until you hear: “Mommy, why do you have so many wrinkles?”

Perhaps you laugh it off the first time, because what your sweet little angel said wasn’t so much a value judgment as a statement of fact. You do have a couple (give or take a few dozen) tiny little wrinkles. But wherever they are and however deeply etched, your children will soon become old enough to not just remark on your widening crevasses, but also demand that you take action, as my son, now 11, did, not too long ago when I was reading by a bright light and he got a good eyeful. A few seconds later, I got The Look.

“You know, mommy,” he said matter-of-factly, “you really need to call Dr. Brandt.”

I have been forced to confront the inevitable and develop a Strategic Wrinkle Plan.

My little charmer. I should explain that I had the good fortune to have worked with Dr. Fredric Brandt, aka the Botox King, on his last book, 10 Minutes/10 Years. Not only did I learn a lifetime of lessons about skin health and skin care from him, but he also used me as a model in the book and I was given a whole tray full of needles loaded with magic elixirs of wrinkle filling and wrinkle smoothing for the before and after shots.

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Let’s just say that the temporary smoothing is now long gone, along with my ability to beg and plead for more freebies (or pay out of pocket for them), so I have been forced to confront the inevitable ... and develop a Strategic Wrinkle Plan, version 2012, that does not involve paying for any medical treatment or needles.

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