The Best Colors to Wear to an Interview

The saying that there's only once chance to make a first impression rings true when it comes to job interviews. Potential employers don't just base their judgment on behavior and qualifications. Employees are often the unofficial spokesmodels of a company, so employers want them to convey a professional, put-together image. Whether it's a corporate or creative atmosphere, colors are just as important as the clothing you wear. Consider the industry and the job role before raiding your closet for dressy duds, and you'll be sure to dominate the interview, whether it's in the boardroom or the break room.

Corporate Environment

A corporate environment often imposes stricter guidelines when it comes to dressing for success. Since the image companies desire to project differs within various industries and geographic locations, it's always better to be the woman in heels and pearls rather than be underdressed. Stick to three-piece ensembles in navy, black, gray or white. Think solid colors on conservative combos. Try a button-up, trousers and a blazer, dress and jacket or a blouse, pencil skirt and cardigan. Shade variations of blue, purple and brown are also appropriate. Stay away from bright colors such as orange, pink and yellow, which could convey a too-carefree attitude in a corporate atmosphere.

Creative Atmosphere

Whereas bright colors may indicate carelessness in a strict corporate work environment, creative fields often have a looser dress code. This doesn't mean you should break out the miniskirt and sky-high stilettos. It's still a formal interview, and your wardrobe should reflect this. Stick with three-piece ensembles, but incorporate brighter colors and small prints, which convey confidence and a can-do attitude. Consider bright colored heels as a foil for a gray suit or a cardigan with a small print thrown over a monochromatic skirt and blouse.

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