Dresses to Wear to a Party

Looking hot on the spot is a breeze if you keep the right party dresses in your wardrobe. A few versatile frocks, including a lifesaving 'little black dress,' will keep you stylish during any season. The key is to stick with styles that accentuate your specific figure. As long as the dress has the right fit, you can use accessories to give one garment a number of different looks.

Curvy Figure

Embrace your curvy lines with a party dress that shows off the good while hiding the not-so-good. Look for a party dress that celebrates your bosom without letting it fall out. Consider anything with a portrait, scoop, V-neck or halter neckline and full, knee-length skirt. You can also wear spaghetti straps, as long as the straps are sturdy enough to hold you in. Avoid belted or pleated waistlines if you're self-conscious about your tummy. Flattering waistlines include dropped or princess.

Petite Figure

Dressing a petite frame means sticking with tailored lines. Oversized or overly dramatic party dresses tend to drown your petite figure and make you look like a girl dressing up in mommy's clothes. Any fitted neckline will do, from ballet to strapless, and any skirt will do, from fitted to flared. The hem should fall no longer than just above the knee. Any skirt longer than that will cut your legs too short. The waist also needs to remain fitted and smooth. Any large breaks, such as a belt, will chop your small figure into too many chunks and make you look shorter.

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