'I Adopted 6 Children With Special Needs'

One single mom's story of caring for her children

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When Lynette Louise was growing up she often fantasized about being Lois Lane, marrying Superman and saving the world. Although her Superman never surfaced, Lynette became a superhero in the eyes of the six special needs children she adopted and raised as a single mom.

In her quest to meet her Superman, Lynette flew through three marriages, giving birth to two daughters, Tsara and Jady, during her first marriage. For the Canadian mom, who is now 56, the desire to have two sons still flourished even though her marriages didn’t.

Lynette first lived in Canada when she began rescuing children from the ill effects of the foster care system. “I asked to foster some kids that would be up for adoption soon in order to prevent them from being bounced around,” she said.

Cash and Chance had minimal language skills while Rye had no language capabilities and couldn't walk.

The answer to her prayer became clear when she met a 3-year-old boy named Dar whom no one would care for. His mom had reportedly locked him in a closet for two years, and he was considered to be blind, deaf and retarded. He was about to be institutionalized when Lynette stepped in and accepted the responsibility to care for Dar while the paperwork was being arranged by Children’s Aid. She never gave him back.

Chance and Cash were the next to be officially added to Lynette’s family after they were kidnapped from her care, and authorities found them living with their parents who were alcoholics who would not cooperate with the system’s rehabilitation orders. By the time the two children were recovered, their mother had given birth to another baby, Rye, and all three of the children were removed from the home and placed with Lynette. She adopted them soon after.

By the time she adopted the trio their disabilities were quite profound. Cash and Chance had minimal language skills while Rye had no language capabilities and couldn't walk. They all vomited often and were malnourished. Chance screamed and hurt people daily. Rye wouldn't eat, and they all rocked—a common autism symptom—and nobody slept. Her first adopted son Dar was still the most disabled, grunting and drooling and spinning. Additionally, Dar did not understand how to chew his food.

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