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Super Celebrity Moms of 2013

Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

It’s another end to another year. Most people like to look back and reflect on what they did well in the past year, and what they could better. Personally, I like to review the year a little differently. Who wants to review their own year when reviewing someone else’s is so much more fun? And since celeb moms get so much flack just for being themselves, foibles and all, I’m looking back at 2013 to see which celeb moms got it right.

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See, I told you it would be fun.

Here goes.

Gisele Bundchen: She thinks there should be a law that all women breastfeed. I personally don’t agree, but I do like that she puts her money where her baby’s mouth is. Oh, and my husband really liked her breastfeeding/glamour photo. So did every other man in America.

Kate Middleton: I can’t imagine being pregnant and having a baby with the whole world watching and waiting, but Kate seems to have handled it all with the grace and charm of…well, of a princess.

Kim Kardashian: Regardless of what you think of Ms. Kardashian, she was on the tail-end of some serious baby-weight brain criticism that reached a fever pitch. And despite having made a career out of making her life public, she seems to be doing a good job of keeping her daughter’s life private. At least, for now.

Kelly Rutherford: When her ex-husband’s passport was revoked and he was forced to move to Monaco, an American judge ruled the couple’s two children should go to Monaco as well. The only way Rutherford, an American actress, can see her children is to go live in Monaco and not work or live in America and not see her kids. Instead of giving up, she is relentlessly fighting to bring her children back to her. Go girl.

Kristen Bell: Admitting her baby weight didn’t come off in labor and that for much of her pregnancy, she didn’t feel a connection to her (then unborn) daughter, Kristen Bell gives non-celeb moms everywhere a glimpse of reality by not sugar coating her own life as a mom.

And the Award For The Best Celeb Mom Behavior goes to….

Denise Richards: Its not like raising 3 kids of her own isn’t hard enough, but taking the 4-year-old twins of your ex-husband while his ex-wife is in rehab? There should be an award for that, a seriously big award.

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And a special mention to:

Amanda Bynes’ Mom: She may not be a celeb in her own right, but her kid is. 2013 was the year of cutie actress Amanda Bynes’ very public and often gut-wrenching meltdown, which ended with months of rehab.

I can’t imagine what it was like for Amanda’s mom to have to watch her daughter literally lose her mind via Twitter. Yet the Bynes’ have stuck by thier daughter and kept her struggle private. If you’re like me, the Amanda Bynes story this year wasn’t funny or even gossip-worthy. It was sad. Kudos to Amanda’s mom for sticking by her kid and making sure she gets better.

Happy New Year!

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