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How to Use Your Baby to Meet Celebrities

Photograph by Getty Images

If you live in Los Angeles like I do, or you’re planning to visit, you’re bound to run into a few celebrities. It’s kind of like a star safari around here, and most of the time, you need to keep your hands inside the tram. Celebs don’t want you asking for autographs, critiquing their latest project or trying to grope them. However, the invisible barrier between regular and famous people is temporarily deactivated when you bring a baby into the mix. Everyone loves a baby, even celebs.

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Here are four things to keep in mind when using your baby to meet celebrities:

1. Be Cute. Is your baby feeling especially adorable today? Then it’s a good day to meet a celebrity. I was minding my own business in the dried fruit and nut aisle of Trader Joe’s when supermodel/actress Amber Valetta came right up and cooed at my baby daughter in her Ergo carrier. Between the grocery shopping and the baby admiring, it was a total “Celebrities—they’re just like us” moment.

2. Do Your Tabloid Homework. I was sitting at an outdoor café with my then 8-month-old and our friend Lisa. Pink (the pop star) stopped by our table so that her baby could make googly eyes at my baby. Lisa admired Pink’s little one, gushing, “He’s so cute!” One problem: Anyone who reads the tabs knows that Pink’s kid is a GIRL. It was totally mortifying. Don’t let this happen to you.

3. Cause a Scene. Usually moms hope and pray their babes will behave well in public, but that’s no way to meet a celebrity. While walking down the street begging my wayward toddler to stay by my side, I heard a familiar voice chide, “You’ve got to hold your mommy’s hand!” It was Don Cheadle. And my toddler actually listened to him.

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4. Be a Friend. Long before I became a mother, I was getting a pedicure at my neighborhood nail salon when I noticed a very pregnant Brooke Shields. I resisted the urge to bring up my deep love for The Blue Lagoon and pretty much pretended I didn’t know who she was. Instead, I asked what I might ask any very pregnant stranger, “When are you due?” The floodgates opened and Brooke told me all about her baby, like we were girlfriends. It turns out every hormonal lady needs someone to talk to—even a celebrity.

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