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Beyonce Wants Moms to Be Sexy, Too

Photos via beyonce.com/tumblr
Photos via beyonce.com/tumblr

At first, I’m relieved when I hear the news. In her recent YouTube documentary, Liberation, Beyonce admits to gaining 65 pounds while pregnant. At the time of her daughter’s birth Beyonce weighed 190 pounds. It’s a relief to know that Beyonce, with all her fabulous-ness is still a normal mom. She’s just trying to lose the baby back fat and fit into her high school jeans. Hooray, Team Normal People! Beyonce’s just like us! Or so I thought.

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As I continue to watch Liberation, I go from feeling relieved to feeling panicked. Sure B gained 65 pounds, but she lost it all. According to the interview, she wants all moms to know they can be moms and be sexy, and that every mom can get her body back—just like her. This is when the panic sets in.

I’m thrilled any time a celeb mom admits she actually gained weight while pregnant; especially someone like Beyonce whom a lot of women look up to. Personally, every time I hear a celeb mom say something like, “I actually lost weight while pregnant,” I want to find her and smack her on the head.

I can’t say I feel sexy all the time

I love that Beyonce is open about weighing 190 pounds when her little girl was born and that she worked “crazily” to lose the weight. I even love that she wants to be sexy. I’m just panicked that she wants me to be sexy, too.

Beyonce probably doesn’t have a lot of free time. But in the free time she does have, she doesn’t have to go to Target. Nor does she have to clean up the marker that Blue Ivy put all over the curtains, countertops and couch. Beyonce probably has a trainer and a chef. I’m not saying that makes life easy, but I’m pretty sure it makes life easier. It may even leave time for things like working out twice a day to lose that 65 pounds, which would probably make anyone feel sexy.

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Personally, I think sex is really important to keeping a marriage alive. And I think there’s nothing sexier than being a mom, but I can’t say I feel sexy all the time. Like when I get spit up on or sleep less than a prisoner of war, I don’t feel so sexy. I just feel tired. So while Beyonce wants every mom to know it’s OK to feel sexy, I want every mom to know that it’s OK to feel tired, too.

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