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Kristin Cavallari Is Wrong About Vaccinations

Photograph by NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In a recent interview, The Hills alum Kristin Cavallari was asked a seemingly innocent question about vaccinating her child. Her response, that she and husband Jay Cutler have decided not to vaccinate their children due to concerns about autism and immunizations, was anything but innocent.

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It’s possible that Cavallari is getting more press now for her stance on immunizations than she ever did as a TV personality. That’s because the mere mention of the v-word (vaccination) can start a media firestorm, and rightly so.

As a mom, Cavallari is wise to have concern over anything related to her children’s health and well-being. But as a parent, it’s also one’s job to thoroughly research a decision as major as not vaccinating one’s children. The concerns over a link to autism and vaccinations have been widely refuted. The original researcher even admitted years later that much of the information in the study was inaccurate and that the results could not be trusted.

Choosing not to vaccinate your children based on hysteria as a result of inaccurate information is just plain wrong as well.

Cavallari states that her reasoning for not vaccinating her children is because, “Vaccinations have changed over the years. There’s mercury and other stuff…” Sadly, this isn’t exactly true. There used to be trace amounts of a chemical called Thimerosal in shots given to infants. Thimerosal contains small amounts of mercury, which is different than environmental mercury that is toxic. When you and I were kids and were vaccinated, our shots contained Thimerosal. Since 2001, no vaccines given in the U.S. contain Thimerosal, part of a governmental initiative to expose infants and adults to less mercury across the board.

If you’re wondering what the fuss is over a TV personality not vaccinating her kids, you’re missing the point. The fuss is over anyone not vaccinating his or her kids. Read the recent Salon Magazine article by Lindsay Abrams and you’ll know why. 10 years ago, measles was all but eliminated in this country. This year, 32 kids in California got the measles. Half of them were denied immunizations by their parents. In New York, two children died from the measles, both exposed to the disease due to their parents choosing not to vaccinate.

So when anyone, famous or not, chooses not to vaccinate her child she's putting her child’s life at risk. And she's putting my child’s life at risk as well. Equally important, those people are relying on you and me to vaccinate our children. Otherwise, we’d face a worldwide outbreak as shown by the rise in measles outbreaks for the first time in 10 years.

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If you, like Kristin Cavallari, think not vaccinating your kids is “our personal choice,” you’re just plain wrong. You’re a part of a bigger world. Your decisions affect other people. And choosing not to vaccinate your children based on hysteria as a result of inaccurate information is just plain wrong as well. Just ask the parents of those two kids in New York who died this year from the measles. Chances are, they’d make a different choice. Wouldn’t you?

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