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Top Military Mom Blogs

Among military spouses, there are two avenues bloggers can fall under: lifestyle with a dash of the military or military with a dash of life. Life as a military spouse takes all of a person. To love someone who is often deployed or away for trainings, to care for children as a solo parent, to leave friends and family … the list goes on.

Sure, there are benefits, but this life we lead can be chaotic, overwhelming and uncertain. One of the hardest things about following military spouse blogs is the transient nature of this life: people move, family dynamics change, service members retire or leave service.

Below are 15 blogs and two online resources by (and for) military spouses. I’d love to hear your favorites or — if you are a military spouse — connect with you!

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(Air Force) Bunny & Dolly PJ is somewhat of a reluctant military spouse living in the midwest blogging about life and family. As a mom to two small children, she's got lots of family-focused content and offers an honest look at life with two little ones.

(Army) The Only Girl Among Boys Rebecca blogs about her often-deployed husband and her four boys with honesty, humor and a dose of "What the heck am I doing?"

(Navy) Bebeh Blog Suzanne is another military spouse who blogs primarily about her family adventures in Connecticut with her adorable "ginger babies." Her content includes everything from day-to-day life to recipes and fun how-to projects to keep a young family busy.

(Navy) Enjoy It Elise blogs about DIY adventures, small business ownership and life with her family in San Diego. Her down-to-earth approach (and her adorable little one) put her blog high on my list of favorites.

(Army) Wife of a Wounded Soldier Cheryl blogs about a tough subject — what happens after a soldier returns wounded. As her family has grown, she addresses many issues that affect life with a wounded soldier and how to cope with the highs and lows of military life.

(Reserves) Korinthia's Quiet Corner This blog covers not only deployment and military content, but also parenting and owning a small business. As the proprietor of a violin store, Korinthia's diverse life makes for a unique blog on music, the military and motherhood.

(Army) Food, Fitness & Family Madeline blogs about keeping a healthy lifestyle with her family and now, life as a PA student. I can always count on her to have the perfect healthy recipe or dose of inspiration to get out and sweat a bit.

(Army) Army Wife Life 101 A blog and resource for military families with information about life in different military installations. The editors are fervent supporters of military spouses and are often promoting military spouses’ small businesses, opportunities for employment or ways the civilian community is supporting the military community.

(Marine Corps) A Spouseful Lakesha was just awarded "Military Spouse of the Year" for the Marine Corps and blogs about life and style for the modern military spouse. She is passionate about encouraging military spouses to achieve great things through volunteering and entrepreneurship.

(Army) Household 6 Diva Ann Marie hasn’t updated her blog in quite some time, but her beautiful blog still has a huge archive of resources and information on everything from deployment to life abroad.

Spouse Buzz A collection of bloggers and spouses writing about military life from all different branches and perspectives. Sign up for their informative newsletter to help you navigate military life.

(Coast Guard) Courtney Kirkland Courtney blogs about life in Alaska, with a dash of faith, photography and design.

(Air Force) Wanderlynn Lynn writes about life as a military family in England and the adventures we all face as sometimes-solo parents.

(Air Force) Big Blueberry Eyes Michelle was an Air Force brat and married an Air Force brat who joined the Air Force to complete the picture. She blogs about life as an Air Force spouse and a mom to a special needs child.

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(Marine Corps) Many Kind Regards Erin is a multi-talented mom (a writer, a musician, a public speaker!) who blogs about life as a Marine spouse and mom to two girls.

(Army) Hicks Hiking Reda was just awarded Military Spouse of the Year for the Army and blogs about life as a remote military family and is actively working to lower the barriers for spouse employment for legal professionals and two-career military families.

(Air Force) Johnnie and Angela Angela is a teacher and mom and extraordinary photographer. You'll be moved by her writing and the gorgeous images of her kids, dog and husband.

And finally, if you're looking for straight up resources, the National Military Family Association is not a traditional blog, but it does feature contributions from military spouses and offers a plethora of resources for families and spouses.

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