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Can You Breastfeed With a Breast Job?

Breast implants usually do not affect your ability lo breastfeed, but if you've had reduction or augmentation surgery, there may be a problem. Dr. Alyssa Dweck, an ob/gyn at the Mount Kisco Medical Group in Westchester County, New York, said that as long as the implants aren’t leaking, women should try to breastfeed. “If implants are leaking, common sense dictates avoiding nursing,” she said. For women who have had other breast augmentation or reduction surgery, she said successful breastfeeding can be unpredictable because the ducts are cut or transected. “Some women will produce milk, albeit a smaller amount, while others nurse or pump without any issue. Still, she promotes breastfeeding. “It’s good for baby’s immune function and a great bonding experience,” she said.

Image via Fuse/Fuse/Getty Images

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