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Helping Baby Go From Rocking to Crawling

If your little one is rocking about but has yet to crawl, some tummy time may get her moving, says Dr. Clare Cardo McKegney, a New Jersey-based pediatric nurse practitioner. “Encourage her by getting on the floor with her and place exciting toys just out of reach to get her there,” suggests Cardo McKegney. Some babies rock for a long time before taking that big step to move while others figure out that rolling gets them from point A to point B so much faster and do not waste much time on the rocking position at all, says Cardo McKegney. Holding your child on a stability ball while rocking it gently can strengthen her core muscles as she bounces so that she builds the strength to move into a crawling position during floor time.

Image via Thinkstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

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