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What Is the Best Way to Get Your Baby Sitting Up & Crawling?

Babies achieve their developmental milestones when they are physically ready to do so, says Dr. Jennifer B. Trachtenberg, a New York City-based pediatrician. “Head control is necessary before Baby can sit up on his own, and sitting occurs usually between 5 to 7 months when he is first using hands to help stabilize himself,” she says. As your baby’s muscles naturally develop, Trachtenberg recommends letting him play on a mat on the floor to push up on his arms and move or roll from side to side and eventually get up on his hands and knees. “First, he will be sitting,” she says. “Crawling is even more variable, and do not fret; some babies don’t ever crawl – they move straight to walking.”

Image via Siri Stafford/Photodisc/Getty Images

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