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5 Fun Birth Announcement Ideas

The nine-month countdown is up and the big day is finally here. Celebrating your baby's arrival with a fun birth announcement gives your friends and family the details in a novel way. You can share your joyful news in a way that steps out of the box with creativity, is personalized or says, "She's here!" with style.

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Personalized Products

While cards or photo announcements have a personal touch, upping the ante with a packaged product is a fun way to celebrate your baby's arrival. For example, try a personalized product such as a box of bubblegum faux cigars. This type of announcement allows you to go with blue for a boy or pink for a girl, and add details — such as the baby's weight, length and time of birth — on the box. Other out of the ordinary announcements include a tin of stork shaped cookies with the baby's information on the lid or chocolate bars that are personalized with your new arrival's birth date and name.

Mini Movie Star

You can send your friends and family an email announcement, or you can get creative and add a link to a mini movie. A digital birth announcement allows you to feature video clips of your newborn. You don't have to go all out and hire a professional videographer. Instead, film the announcement yourself.

Carry On the Theme

Coordinating your baby's birth announcements with your shower theme can give the pregnancy a sense of continuity. For example, if you had an eco-friendly shower you could opt for announcement made from fibers such as cotton or linen or one made from recycled paper. Instead of buying ready-made announcements, have your shower guests help you to craft them during a baby-themed art-making activity. Each guest can design a distinctive announcement and you can fill in the information once the baby is born.

Pick a Palette

Your design and decor duties don't have to end with your baby's nursery. Translate the palette that you've chosen — including similar color schemes and patterns — into whimsical birth announcements. For example, if you've picked pinks for your baby's room that include soft blushes, rose hues and floral patterns, cut and create your own announcements using the leftover swatches and paint sample strip. Choose ready-made announcements that coordinate with the colors or have a similar theme.

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Your Youth

Announce the birth of your baby with a blast from the past. Nostalgia-filled images of childhood favorites such as Dr. Seuss or Paddington Bear books offer a fun-filled fling back into your own childhood. Buy ready-made announcements that feature the characters of your youth or create your own making mini copies of the book covers that have your baby's birth details on the back.

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