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5 Best Baby Shower Games

Just like the bundles of joy they’re meant to honor, baby showers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a small intimate affair or a full-blown soiree, a baby shower isn’t quite complete without a few fun games thrown into the mix. Depending on the theme, size and location of the shower, baby shower games can be outrageous, unexpected or sensible – and always fun.

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Ice, Ice Baby

One of the most traditional baby shower games is also one of the simplest. All you’ll need is an ice cube tray and some small plastic baby figurines, usually found at a party supply store. Freeze the toy babies in the ice cube trays, and, upon your guests’ arrival, hand them a plastic cup with an ice-cube baby inside. The first person whose ice melts must shout, “My water broke!” to win a prize. This game works with both small and large groups, and prizes could be awarded to the top five “deliveries.” A variation on the game would be freeze one plastic baby in a block of ice and have guests write down what time they think the baby’s water will “break.”

Baby Blanket Bingo

Another game that works well for both large and small groups is baby-shower bingo. Distribute a blank game card to your guests and have them write down what presents they believe the guest of honor will open at her shower. Once the mama-to-be starts to open gifts, guests should mark the gifts off their cards. The first guest to yell "Bingo!” receives a prize. Prizes can also be awarded to additional winners.

Baby Name Challenge

If you're looking for a game sure to generate serious giggles at the shower, have your guests attempt to create potential names for the baby. This works especially well if the parents don’t yet know the sex of the baby, and it can take on several variations. Guests can be asked to create names by “mashing” together the mom’s and dad’s names, or they can be asked to create names that begin with a certain letter, such as the first initial of the parents’ last name. The guest or guests who derive the most names – no matter how silly or outrageous – win a prize.

Dirty Diaper Dare

If your guests can tolerate the “ew” factor and you’re looking for a game that’s silly and unexpected, you can play the Dirty Diaper game. You’ll need five or six different types of chocolate candy bars. Melt the candy bars and then smoosh them into the diaper to replicate a poo-filled diaper. Pass the diapers amongst the guests and have them try to figure out what type of candy bar concoction is in the diaper. Provide each guest with an answer sheet, and award a prize to the guests with the most correct guesses.

Guessing Games

For calmer, quieter games for a more sophisticated affair, guessing games are a good choice. For instance, fill a large jar with a baby-related item – such as large safety pins, clothespins or pacifiers – and have guests guess how many items are in the jar. Another variation on the guessing game would be to fill a tray with numerous baby items, such as a baby bottle, nail clippers, brushes, wipes, a baby food jar and so on, and cover it with a baby blanket. Remove the blanket for one to two minutes to allow your guests time to examine the contents of the tray, and then have them write down as many items as they can remember. The guest who has the most correct answers wins a prize.

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