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Natural Home Remedies for the Care of Baby's Skin

Most babies will encounter bouts of dry skin, rashes and eczema during infancy. Most of these are normal and will often clear up without any special treatment according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and Stanford Children's Health. However, if you want immediate results, a natural home remedy can let you control the ingredients and keep the costs low.

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Limit Soapy Baths

Even the most well-intentioned hygiene efforts can cause problems if you overexpose your baby's skin to soap. The drying soap limits her skin's ability to regulate a normal pH level, which increases the chances of skin irritation according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. You don't have to throw out the bath water for baby, just limit the soap to once a week. When bath time is over, a thorough drying will keep any excess moisture from causing skin breakdown.

Soothing Oatmeal Bath

Adding powdered oatmeal to the bath water can sooth a baby's skin and leave it soft and supple. That's a recommendation from Healthy Child, Healthy World, a California non-profit advocacy group dedicated to protecting children from environmental hazards. Pulverize one cup of whole oats in a blender and stir the powder into the bath. During an outbreak, you can repeat this every night. Scale it back to once a week as the skin clears and heals.

Natural Moisturizers

Natural oils bring moisturizing relief after a bath or anytime her sensitive skin needs soothing. Healthy Child, Healthy World suggests a blend of one-cup grape seed, almond, sunflower or olive oil with the contents of two or three Vitamin E capsules stirred in until well combined. The key ingredients are the antioxidant properties of the Vitamin E.

Essential Oils

Another option for babies over 6 months old is a natural wipe that promotes skin healing. Combine 2 cups distilled water with 1/4 cup aloe vera gel, one tablespoon Calendula oil, 2 teaspoons of castile soap and 3 drops each of tea tree and lavender oil. Soak paper towels in the solution, then apply it gently to the baby. Some babies might be allergic to this, so cut it out immediately if you see any detrimental effects.

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