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7 Things About My Newborn That Worried Me

As a new mom, you just automatically become a big worrywart. Instantly you have the greatest responsibility over this tiny human being, and that can be, well, downright scary! While there are some genuine concerns, like if baby is sick or won't stop screaming, there are also quite a few things that are perfectly normal and are not worth your worry. I'm sharing seven of those today. Because I worried about them, and you shouldn't have to.

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1. Peeling skin: Newborn babies' skin is supposed to be smooth like butter, right? That's what I always thought. Apparently, it takes a little while to get there and starts out not so smooth and peels like crazy! Not to worry though. It's perfectly normal and is just the top layer drying up and peeling off. It'll reveal that smooth-as-a-baby's-behind skin in no time. But please, resist peeling it off yourself.

2. Jaundice: That yellowy skin is actually in the majority, as 60 percent of babies have it! Ours did and had to have bilirubin testing done a few times before the levels became normal. Indirect sun exposure (like through a window) and eating a lot can help it go away even faster. Our baby had no problem with the eating part!

3. Gurgling: This can be somewhat disconcerting, as your baby makes this weird gurgling noise constantly, in addition to coughing and burping. Well, it's normal. It's caused because newborns just have a plethora of mucus and saliva, and what else are they going to do with it, right?

4. Red spots on skin: No, your baby isn't a teenager yet, but he may have baby acne, another totally common occurrence in newborns. No need to treat it with any lotions or creams, as this too will go away on its own, leaving perfectly smooth and beautiful skin in it's place.

5. Umbilical stump: Okay, I had no idea this was even a thing. Before I had my baby, I just thought that the umbilical cord was snipped and a perfect little belly button was revealed in its place! Wrong. Instead, you get this gross stump that may bleed a little, and then dries up and falls off on its own in a few weeks. Lovely, I know.

6. Brick dust: This is another thing I knew nothing about. When I was changing my baby's diaper, I noticed this powdery pinkish substance that looked kind of like some foundation had rubbed off on him. Whatever it was, I thought it was not normal and definitely shouldn't have been there. Well, at our two-day checkup, I asked about it and before I got the sentence out, the pediatrician said, "I already know what you're going to ask" and she did! Ends up it's urine crystals and is, once again, something that goes away on it's own. Much to my relief, she said it's completely normal and we had nothing to worry about.

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7. Latching troubles: This was a frustrating one. My baby latched on like a little pro in the hospital, but right when we got home it was a whole other story. Those first sessions were so tough, and if he didn't latch on right away, he got frustrated and would just start screaming. One thing that helped both mama and baby was to take little breaks when it got exhausting. I can't tell you the amount of pain and tears that went into some of those first nursing sessions, but it helped to know that it is normal and it does get better!

Did your baby experience any of these? Were you worried too?

This post is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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