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Babyproofing Gadgets to Include On Your Registry

Shopping for your anticipated new arrival is an exciting venture, but one that requires careful consideration of what you need to ensure your baby will be safe and happy. Beyond diapers, clothing and first aid supplies, parents should also consider necessities needed to babyproof the home. As you plan your registry, add gadgets that will ensure your home is safe for the new bundle of joy.

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Electrical Covers

Babies are very curious, so it is crucial to safeguard their wandering fingers throughout the home, says Dr. Maria Miller, a Florida-based pediatrician with Oviedo Pediatrics. “Electrical outlet covers will keep their little fingers away from danger,” she says. Make sure you register for enough covers to safeguard outlets both high and low in your home.

Baby Gates

As your little one begins to crawl and walk, she will likely want to investigate every inch of your home. Register for enough baby gates to be placed at stairways and entrances, Miller recommends. “Gates should be used at stairways and entrances to keep the child from falling down the stairs or entering an unsafe zone, such as the kitchen,” she says.

Cabinet Locks

If your baby is playing in the kitchen, prevent hazardous exposures by registering for cabinet locks, recommends Leigh Anne O’Connor, New York-based parenting consultant and certified lactation consultant. “Cabinet locks keep the child from opening and closing cabinets, finding dangerous chemicals and cleaners, and reduce the risk of pots and pans falling on the child,” she says.

Furniture Protectors

You don’t have to remove the furniture in your home just because your little one is mobile. But you can protect your baby from sharp edges with sharp edge protectors to place on end tables, furniture and fireplace ledges, O’Connor says. “Edge protectors help to avoid cuts and bumps on little heads,” she says.

Doorknob Covers

When your child is mobile, he will want to explore both the interior and exterior of your home. Ensure he cannot open doors by registering for doorknob covers that prevent little hands from turning the knob. Make sure, though, that you know how to navigate the doorknob covers or locks in case you need to exit the family during an emergency.

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Window Guards

It’s exciting for your little one to gaze out the window and see the wonders of the world, but windows and window coverings can cause risk for harm. The March of Dimes recommends using window coverings that do not have cords to reduce the risk of a baby wrapping a cord from blinds around his neck. Window guards, locks and safety netting can also prevent those little hands from pushing through the window screen.

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