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Baby Name Guessing Games For a Shower

Most baby showers aren't complete without a few games -- and baby name guessing games can be among the most entertaining. Whether the parents-to-be have already decided upon a name or are still comprising a list of their top choices, baby name games can range from the sophisticated to the downright silly.

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Balloon Pop

One of the most festive ways to play a baby name game is by using balloons, but this game only works if the parents have already chosen a name for their tiny tot. Before guests arrive, fill balloons with baby names. Put the correct name in one balloon. Hand each guest a balloon as she arrives and, at a specified time during the shower, have the guests pop their balloons at the same time. The baby name is then revealed; the guest with the correct name inside her balloon wins a prize.

Anagram Fun

If the guests of honor haven't yet chosen a name for their offspring, or aren't sure of their baby's gender, you can have some fun helping them create a list of possible monikers using the parent's first or last names. Provide each guest with a blank sheet of paper or design one that matches the shower's theme. Ask guests to write down as many baby names as possible using the letters from the parents' names. The guest with the most names wins -- those planning the party can decide how sensible names have to be to count. The game can be made more difficult by asking guests to include middle names as well. If the parents already have chosen a name, the guests who get the closest to the correct answer will win.

The Name Race

Set a timer for 60 seconds and have guests write down as many baby names as possible in the time allotted. The guest who writes the correct name will win the game; if no one guesses the correct name, award a prize to either the guest with the closest answer or to the guest with the longest list. In some instances, you might have more than one winner, so prepare prizes accordingly. As a variation, you can prompt guests with the baby's first initial and have them create a list from there. If the parents are expecting twins, allow 60 seconds for each baby.

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Hello, My Name Is

As guests enter the party, assign them a name tag with a baby's name on it. Similar to the "balloon pop" game, one name tag will have the correct name on it. Toward the end of the shower, announce the baby's true name, and the guest wearing the right name tag will win a prize. If the baby's gender is already known, you can limit the game to girls or boys names only. If the baby's gender has not yet been revealed to guests, this game can be made more difficult by including both boys and girls names.

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