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Fun Ways to Reveal Your Baby Name

From the moment you announce you're pregnant, there's one question on people's minds: Have you picked out a name yet? They throw out their own favorites, hint that you should name the baby after them, and offer their unsolicited opinions. Since friends and family have so much interest in the baby's name, you can bring a bit of excitement to the conversation by announcing your baby name pick in a fun way.

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Using Social Media

If you connect with your friends and family the most on social media, it makes sense to reveal the name using your favorite social networking site. Send out a cryptic tweet, post a series of riddles, or share a clue each week and have friends and family try to guess your baby's name. You'll have a record of all the guesses, so you'll know who guessed right from the beginning. For even more fun, encourage participation by offering a prize to those who guess correctly.

Taking a Picture

Name-reveal photo shoots have become all the rage with moms-to-be, many of whom are coming up with clever ideas for revealing the baby's name. Some feature their pregnant bellies, on which the baby's name is painted. Some women place a "Hello my name is ..." sticker directly on the tummy or spelling it out next to the tummy using alphabet blocks or other letter tiles. Others get a little help from nature, writing out the name in sand and snow or spelling it out using sticks or leaves.

Turning it into a Song

Does your baby's name appear in a song? If so, reveal the name by playing the song for a group of family and friends. No song? No problem. You can always write your own song featuring your baby's name and record it for your baby to listen to after he's born. If all else fails, you can simply reveal your baby's name with a rousing rendition of "The Banana Song" or order one of those specialty CDs that features your baby's name in every song.

Playing a Game

Plan to reveal the baby's name through a game at your baby shower. Stage your own version of Wheel of Fortune, having guests buy consonants and vowels in the baby's name or, even simpler, a game of Hangman. For something a little trickier, create a word scramble with multiple baby names and, after they've all been unscrambled, have guests vote on which one they think is the name you chose.

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The Waiting Game

Though not as much fun for the guessers, there's nothing wrong with waiting until the baby arrives to reveal the name. Plus, by waiting to reveal the name, you don't have to deal with expressions of disapproval and be bombarded by alternate name suggestions when someone doesn't care for your choice. Once it's on the birth certificate, it's set in stone.

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