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Mommy Stroller Accessories

Even if you find the perfect stroller, chances are you'll still end up needing a few more accessories to help it fit all your needs. The right accessories make getting out of the house with your baby much easier and allow you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

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Hooks and Clips

Many strollers come with bags or baskets for additional storage, but they're not always accessible. With stroller hooks and clips, you can easily carry more items. Not only do hooks work well for purses and small diaper bags, but they also make for a handy way to carry purchases during a trip to the mall. If Baby has trouble holding onto her blanket or toys, look for special hooks and clips designed to keep these items attached to the stroller and off the ground.

Holders and Holsters

If you're out jogging with your baby, you want your water to be within reach. The same's true for that coffee you picked up while walking around the mall. Of course you'll need a cup holder for your little one's sippy cup or snacks too. Katerina Williams, owner of one of East Hampton's premier baby boutiques, Lullanest, suggests finding a parent organizer with a cup holder rather than one you can attach to the side of the stroller. "Countless times I’ve banged the separate cup holder into a door or random person," says Williams.

Shades and Covers

When you're out and about, you want to keep your infant safe from the elements. Sarah Kushner, Pish Posh Baby's Head MomRep recommends purchasing a rain cover in case of an unexpected rain, and sun and bug shields for those walks through the park. In the winter, don't forget a bunting bag. For yourself, pick up a hand muff designed to keep your hands warm as you push the stroller.

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Carseat Adaptors

"If you are already buying a high-end stroller, why not get the most use out of it?" asks Kushner. She recommends buying a car seat adapter to make the stroller compatible with your baby's infant seat. This allows you to move your little one from the car to the stroller with ease and, often, without waking him up. Be sure the car seat adapter has been designed to work with your stroller type before making the purchase.

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