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Does It Hurt for a Baby to Suck His Bottle When Teething?

When a child is teething and uncomfortable, simply sucking on a bottle or nipple can elicit significant discomfort, says pediatric dentist Joseph Banker of Creative Dental Care in Westfield, New Jersey. The teeth cutting through the gums cause irritation, inflammation and pain, he notes. “If the child can't feed adequately, he may not receive nourishment, causing further discomfort and anxiety,” Banker explains.

If your child refuses a bottle while teething, Banker recommends spoon-feeding soft food if he is at least 6 months old to provide him with nourishment that will not irritate his gums. Adequate hydration is essential, and teething babies should have fluids in every means possible, whether it is a wet teething ring or a soothing ice pop, Banker advises.

Photo via James Woodson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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