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Do All Infants Learn to Crawl Before Walking?

Not all infants crawl before walking, says California-based board certified pediatrician Jeffrey Lazarus. Some babies will scoot or shuffle on their tummies without getting up on their hands and knees, while others progress from sitting up to pulling up and walking. Typically, though, most infants learn to crawl at around 8 months before they walk at around 12 months, Lazarus says. Parents should not be concerned as long as the baby is attempting to move each side of the body and showing eagerness to reach and travel by scooting or crawling, says Lazarus. “Of course, there is a wide variation in age at which these milestones occur, but as long as an infant can explore and gain motor skills by moving, the method is nothing to worry about,” he observes.

Photo via BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

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