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Should I Start My Baby on Vegetables or Fruit First?

Starting your baby on vegetable before fruits,or vice versa, is entirely your decision. Some moms feel that if they start fruits first, their baby may not be too excited over vegetables as a follow-up. “Start your infant on solid foods at about 4 months of age, beginning with infant cereals or pureed fruits and vegetables” suggests Dr. Alberto Del Pilar, a family practitioner in Oswego, New York. While many parents begin with infant cereal, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, introducing one type of solid food before another does not offer any medical advantage for your child. Introduce fruits and vegetables in any order that your baby enjoys, as long as the food is rich in vitamin C.. Del Pilar adds that by the time your baby reaches 12 months of age, she should be receiving half of her energy needs from solid foods.

Photo via Image Source/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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