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Creative Ways to Display Your Toddler's Artwork

Energetic and creative souls, toddlers naturally run to Mom and Dad when they create a piece of art to have them put it on display. Your refrigerator, the go-to spot for kiddie art, may be out of room, or you may want more creative alternatives. You can explore ways to create intriguing galleries for your young Rembrandt's work.

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Go Digital

Show off your child’s drawing or cardboard construction at any time, any place, by going digital, recommends Laurie Zelinger, New York-based child psychologist. Take a photo of the work of art or scan it, and save the image as your computer’s screen saver at home or work. Digital images of your toddler’s art can also be displayed in a photo slideshow online, through your television set or via a digital photo frame. Simply load images of the artwork to a media card and digital frames, computers or television sets in prominent areas of your home can display a movie of your child's masterpieces for all to admire.

Laminate It and Display

Preserve your little one’s piece of artwork by laminating drawings, completed coloring pages or sparkling construction paper art, Zelinger advises. You can use the laminated art as a book cover to save for your child, within a scrapbook or as a placemat on the kitchen table. Hang the preserved masterpieces throughout the home or in the playroom on walls, clipboards or a cable line. Artwork hung at the child’s eye level allows him to admire the work, too.

Create an Art Wall

Prominently put your child's creativity on display by designating an entire wall for those art projects she brings home from school or daycare. Use sticky tack to attach each creation to the wall and make collage areas for each child in one room of your home, recommends Clean Scentsible, an online parenting resource for crafty parents. Let your little one have a say in what others will see and which works are on display.

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Bulletin Board Art

Record the date, time and location of your child’s artwork while also putting it on display, suggests Wanda Draper, a Texas-based child development specialist and professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. Have a bulletin board in the child’s room, tack up the artwork and write the date, time and location where the art was created, she says. You can also create headers for each child's area of the bulletin board with painted blocks spelling out their names or creative phrases detailing the theme of the work. If the artwork is overflowing on the bulletin board, consider placing drawings on clipboards and hanging them next to the tack board.

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