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5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Having Another Baby

I have two beautiful children; they are everything I dreamed of. And I’m about 99 percent sure we are two and through. No more babies for us! But a recent meltdown from my daughter about wanting a sister made me begin to rethink my decision (just a tad).

Here’s the video so you can see what I mean.

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It’s not like I could guarantee a little sister for my daughter anyway, but my conversations with her since the incident have got me thinking.

“Why do you only want two babies?” She asked me. “Cause you can only take care of two?”

“Well, if we had three babies you’d have to share more,” I said to her. Thinking it may end the conversation right then and there.

“That’s OK,” she quickly replied.

“And sometimes you’d have to be extra patient because I’d be taking care of the baby.”

She didn’t bat an eye.

“Ok, yes, that’s OK. So now can you have another baby come out of your tummy?”

She’s a persistent little thing. Just like her mom. But for now, the answer is still no.

It got me thinking though about things I should consider before jumping into trying to have another baby.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you’re ready:

1. Does the idea of poopy diapers and spit up make you excited or grossed out? If you can’t wait to dive into that mess, you’re probably ready for another. If you want to throw up at the thought of it ... then perhaps not.

2. Decide how much sleep you need. Are you getting enough now? Well, you’ll be getting a lot less with another baby. How does that make you feel? If it makes you want to stock up 5 Hour Energy drinks, you may have just the right dose of dedication. If you want to go back to sleep just thinking about it, you may not be ready.

3. How do you feel when you see an infant or pictures of your child as an infant? If it makes you cry tears of joy you may be ready for another. If makes you cry because you remember how terrible those times were, you may want to wait and see if the baby fever passes.

4. Where are all of your kids’ old baby clothes? Have they already been sold, donated or given away? Or are they washed, folded and safely stored in the attic “just in case”?

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5. How long have you been thinking this way? If it’s only been five minutes, you may want to wait a bit longer. If it’s been on your mind a while, maybe that’s for a reason.

So where do you fall after this little quiz? Are you thinking you’ll go for it? I think I’m going to wait.

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