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How Two Kids Made Things 10 Times as Hard

When I was a mom of one I thought I had things down pat. I traveled the country with my baby in tow like it was no biggie. We went on more than a dozen flights together and she was even my buddy to concerts and events.

But then I had another baby. At first it wasn’t so hard. Like with my infant daughter, I kept my son in a carrier most of his first year. When we went out he was content to be snuggled there. But by the time he started to walk things got significantly harder. Going out with one kid is a piece of cake, but going out with both of them can be ridiculously stressful.

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Here are 5 things that have gotten more difficult since having a second child.

1. No more sleeping in

My daughter used to sleep in on the weekends until 9. Oh it was lovely. Now she hears her brother wake up around 7 a.m. and joins him in the early morning partying.

2. Outings

There’s something about the ease of grabbing one kid and running out to the car that I’ll never take advantage of again. Running out with two? Not so easy. And unless you get one of those awesome shopping carts with built-in entertainment, there are rarely peaceful outings.

3. More shopping

And if getting to the store wasn’t hard enough, now you’re needing to do more of it because you know, you need clothes and food for two kids.

4. Bath time

It never fails that one of my kids wants to splash around and the other doesn’t. Or they both want the same toy at the same exact time. That’s not even the hardest part. Getting both out and dry before bed seems to be the trickiest part for me.

5. Not enough lap space

Both of my kids have a favorite spot to sit: My lap. I’ll always make room for both of them, but sometimes it feels like there’s not enough of me to go around.

While there are several things that have been more difficult since welcoming a second, there are just as many positives.

1. Been there, done that

All those worries and feelings of paranoia I had with the first didn’t seem to come back for the second. At least not nearly to the same degree. I knew what to expect when it came to feeding and diapers, and that was a huge load off.

2. They can occasionally entertain each other.

It doesn’t happen as much as I’d like, but I’m sure this will get better with age.

3. It’s amazing seeing how similar and different they are.

Part of me thought I’d be having a 2.0 baby — just slightly different than the first. But I’m really enjoying just seeing how different my kids are all on their own.

4. There’s always someone to snuggle.

I’m a cuddler, and if one of my kids isn’t in the mood to snuggle up, chances are the other will be.

5. They love each other so much.

They may argue from time to time but they really do love each other. And nothing melts my heart quite like the sound of their joint laughter coming from the next room.

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Although things can feel 10 times harder, it’s also twice the fun. And the pros outweigh the cons (most of the time).

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