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10 Tips to Take Better Baby Pictures With a Smart Phone

It wasn’t that long ago that the quickest way to see the photos we took was by running down to the 1-hour photo developer. Now there are so many digital options, and the photos we can take of our babies are endless.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get the shot is to snap one in the moment using our cell phones. I personally love it because I always have it on me, and have it readily available so I’ll never miss capturing a special moment.

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Here are 10 things I’ve learned after the thousands of photos I’ve taken of my kids on my cell phones.

1. Get close

Cell phone cameras shine when they’re up close and personal. Take photos of your son’s eyelashes as he’s sleeping. Or your daughter’s hands as she holds a book. The beauty in the simple close image will surprise you.

2. Use the rule of thirds

Avoid centering your child in every photo, try keeping him slightly to the left or right of the image. It makes the image more interesting and allows you to tell more of a story behind the photo.

3. Avoid the digital zoom

Digital zoom on a camera phone will lower the quality of your image. Instead of trying to zoom from across the room, move closer to your subject, or if that’s not possible, just crop the image later.

4. Stand near the light

If your child is playing near the window, take advantage and snap some shots with yourself positioned between the window and your child. It’ll result in beautifully lit and sharper images.

5. Avoid the flash

I leave my flash off. Not on auto, totally off. Almost any light will be better than the drastic flash coming from your camera. Use it only as a last resort when in an extremely dark space.

6. Skip the cheese

If you want your child to smile, resist the urge to say “cheese!” and try to make her laugh doing something else: a funny noise, tossing a toy, anything that will pull a natural smile and a more beautiful picture.

7. Keep still

The more still you keep your camera, especially in low-light situations, the better. Try to keep your hands as still as possible as you try to snap pictures of your rambunctious toddler. It’s easier said than done, but it can help avoid an entirely blurry images, versus a kid looking blurry because they are in hyperdrive (and those pictures are the cutest).

8. Take a lot, delete the duds (after double checking them)

If your phone has a burst mode for taking photos (snapping several in a row, usually while holding down the shutter button) take advantage! Especially when you have a kid who loves to blink just as you take the photo. Check out your photos after you’ve taken a bunch and delete the duds so you can conserve more space for your favorites. Remember though, some may appear to be duds on your phone, but be deemed salvageable once you see it on your computer. Don’t delete a potential favorite until you've double-checked it.

5. Edit later

Phone filters can be fun, but unoriginal and generic. If you want to change a photo to black and white on your phone, make sure you make a copy first so you have the original to fall back on, or edit later from your computer.

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6. Keep your lens clean

You know how much junk ends up in your bag. And our pockets aren’t always the cleanest either. Keep a microfiber cloth handy to occasionally clean your camera lens, so your baby’s photos can stay adorable and smudge-free.

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