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10 Things to Say to a New Mom

You always read about what not to say, so I thought I'd flip the script and share 10 things to say to a new mom. Just saying something nice and simple can go a long way in brightening a mom's day, especially since that day has been more than likely quite hectic. If you say any of these things, or if you hear any of these things, someone's doing something right.

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1. "You look great!"

Because I probably feel anything but great, what with my questionable state of hygiene, unkempt hair, uptake of caffeine and severe lack of sleep. A compliment on my appearance is the sweetest thing I can hear. Except for my baby's coos, of course.

2. "Your baby is so well-behaved!"

Nobody wants their baby to start screaming bloody murder in the middle of a meal out or in a crowded grocery store, yet it is a common fear all of us new moms carry with us. Letting me know that my baby is pleasant and not bothering you in the slightest is a welcome comment and one that probably isn't said enough.

3. "Can I bring dinner over sometime?"

Because, food. It is always needed, always a good idea and a huge help. Bring the food and everybody's happy.

4. "I'll babysit!"

As a brand new mom, I may not want to leave my baby yet, but even just an offer to come watch the baby while I get things done around the house, take a bubble bath or clock in a nice long nap will be a huge help and much needed break!

5. "What a cute baby!"

I never ever get sick of hearing it.

Well, I obviously know this to be true already, but I never ever get sick of hearing it. Ever. I mean, I did make him, after all, and he's kind of my biggest accomplishment. To hear that I did a great job will make me beam like no other.

6. "Let me change his diaper."

If you really want to make a new mom happy, this is one great way to do so. I've been swimming in a sea of dirty diapers for a while now. Offering to change one or two for me will be a breath of fresh air. Just make sure you're close to the new mom or baby, otherwise this could be a little weird.

7. "It gets easier."

Sometimes the monotony of life with a newborn or a particularly rough day can be overwhelming. Hearing some encouraging words that remind me "this too shall pass" can be a huge comfort.

8. "She has your eyes!"

Even if in reality newborns look pretty much like newborns and nothing else.

There's nothing sweeter than someone telling you how much your little bundle of joy looks just like you, even if in reality newborns look pretty much like newborns and nothing else.

9. "I understand what you're feeling."

Being reassured that I'm not the only one in the world who has been through this can be a huge help when I'm feeling particularly lost. Some days are tough, and it's nice to know that others can relate and empathize with how I'm feeling.

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10. "You're a great parent."

All parents feel overwhelmed, nervous and unsure at times in the midst of this parenting journey, and just being told that we're doing a great job can lift our spirits and our confidence. Deep down we know that we really are all doing a great job, but it never hurts to be reassured of that fact.

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