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26 Ways You Know You're a Millennial Mom

Photograph by Getty Images

Right now, 68 percent of all babies are born to millennial moms: moms who grew up with Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins as peers; moms who think that you really aren’t bringing it with your emoji game. Are you a millennial mom? Well, just read this sucker on your mobile device and find out.

1. You crowd-source your baby’s sleep problems before you call your mom.

2. You ask a WebMD before a real MD

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3. Your baby knows how to unlock your iPhone.

4. Your kids get confused when play phones don’t send text messages.

5. Look, you clearly didn’t name your kid Bella after the "Twilight" series; Stephanie Meyer totally stole your baby name.

6. You’ve wondered if your leggings clash with your Ergo.

7. You can deconstruct the colonialism implicit in “Curious George.”

8. The hardest part of planning for a trip is making sure your devices and your baby’s devices are all charged.

9. You’ve thought, “I should totally blog that.”

10. You child owns more than one accessory bought from Etsy.

11. Bonus: You have your own Etsy store.

12. You think Pinterest is the reason you are insecure but you can’t stop using it.

13. You’ve written about the poop of your offspring on Facebook.

14. You’ve used the hashtag #Iamparenting

15. Your Instagram is just your kids. #Sorrynotsorry

16. You’ve gotten into a fight with another mom on The Bump or Baby Center message boards.

17. You know what DH, LO and BF stand for. And you are ashamed.

18. You are totally the FUN mom. FUUUUN. YAY! FUN MOM!

19. You get angry when other moms don’t want to talk about “Game of Thrones” on a playdate.

20. Your kids can sing Nicki Minaj.

21. You’ve broken up with a mom blog and have all the feels about it.

22. At least half of your really good friends live on the Internet.

23. You cloth diaper, used to cloth diaper, or really wish you could cloth diaper.

24. You and your baby have matching jeggings and coordinating ironic T-shirts.

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25. Your house would be clean if you didn’t take so many Buzzfeed quizzes during nap time.

26. Somewhere, there exists videos of you and your kid singing along to “Frozen.” Stop lying. It’s there.

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