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22 Situations When Mom Uses Her High-Pitched Voice

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Everyone has different voices they use in different situations; that's why your kids can tell within five seconds of you answering the phone whether you're talking to Grandma or their school principal, thus triggering either a series of interruptions or a hasty retreat to a good hiding spot.

However, one of the most commonly used voices in the Mom-o-sphere is the high-pitched voice. Personally, I know I swore I'd never be one of those squeaky-talking mothers, but as it turns out it's sort of unavoidable — every mom finds herself talking in an unnaturally high voice from time-to-time. Here are 22 occasions when most moms just can't help but break into the upper octaves.

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1. Encouragement: Just one more bite, sweetie!

2. Praise: Oh my goodness you pooped in the potty, that's fantasssssssstic!

3. Baby talk: Who's my precious little cutsie-wootsie?

4. Warnings: I told you to cut that oooouuuuut...

5. The first attempt to get kids out of bed: Rise and shine, sleepyhead!

6. The 50th attempt to get kids out of bed after a sleepover: Hellooooooo? Any of you getting up on your hind legs today?

7. Threats in public: Don't make me count to three...

8. Annoying reminders that we know are sort of annoying: Honey, did you brush your teeth?

9. Enthusiasm: WOOHOO, you got a basket/touchdown/lead role/A+!

10. When you can't yell because you have company: I don't suppose you have any idea who ate the entire cheese ball I made for our guests, dooo youuuuu?

11. When you're panicking but you don't want your child to panic: Sweetheart, come over here by Mommy, away from that silly raccoon with the foamy mouth.

12. Talking to another adult via your kid: Funny, I thought I told Grandma NOT to give you ice cream after 9:00 p.m.


14. When you're trying to generate interest in something: Ooooh, doesn't this less expensive toy look pretty awesome, too?

15. Unrealistic promises: If you stop crying Mommy will buy you a pooooony!

16. When your kid just told you something unbelievable: Your band concert is TONIGHT?

17. When you're almost at the edge of your patience: For the 300th time, Mommy will be with you in just a second.

18. Talking to a new teacher: Oh HI, Mrs. Smith! Can't wait until our parent/teacher conference!

19. Dropping embarrassing hints when their friends are around: I hope you remembered that ointment for your you-know-what on your you-know-where...

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20. When you're trying to make something sound like fun: Hey, who wants to go shopping for new underwear?!?

21. Lies: I don't know what happened to all the art that used to be on the fridge door...

22. Catching your kid in a lie: Ooooookay, so you're saying you got home at what time?

What about you? Do you ever find your voice drifting up into the glass-breaking range?

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